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   Chapter 1547 Whose Decision

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Letting Leila stay in their house with Melissa was the last thing on earth that Sheryl could accept in her lifetime. The scar that Leila had left behind in her mind, as well as her kids', was far from being healed. And moreover, it was a known fact that if Leila put up with them under the same roof, there wouldn't be a single moment of peace left for them in this house. It had happened so many times before that she needn't take another chance with it.

Leila couldn't resist curling her lips when she marked the complicated expression on Sheryl's face. Casting a triumphing glance at her, Leila held Melissa's arm and helped her sit down. "Please don't be mad. It's not the first day you are meeting her, right?" She was fanning the flames inside Melissa.

"Sher, Clark and Shirley are upstairs in their room. They must be eager to see their mother!" Nancy hurriedly interrupted. She came to help Sheryl out of the mess. It was useless to shout at the two insane women.

"Right, I'd better go upstairs right away. Thank you, Nancy." Sheryl cast an appreciating glance at Nancy and turned away from Melissa and Leila.

However, Melissa could not restrain from making provocative remarks on Sheryl. It was as if she were not satisfied by pushing her into the well that she even had to throw stones at her. "Don't be so confident that my son will take your side forever. I am his mother. My words carry more power than you can imagine. Let's wait and see how long you can hang on to be the hostess of this house!"

Sheryl halted at the stairs. She clutched her hands and wanted to turn around to give her mother-in-law a piece of her mind.

Nancy stopped her by tugging on Sheryl's clothes. As Sheryl turned towards her, she shook her head. Apprehensive of things getting out of control, Nancy applied her mind and gestured for Sheryl not to meddle with Melissa and Leila.

Sheryl got her and gave her a reassuring smile. She patted Nancy's hand and went directly upstairs, trying hard to control her temper.

She took several deep breaths to calm down before entering the kids' room and smiled heartily when she saw that Clark was helping Shirley with her homework. She thanked God inside for giving her two adorable kids, who gave her the power to ride over the biggest problems in her life.

"Mommy, you're back finally!" the kids shouted unanimously.

"Mommy, did you see that woman in the living room with Grandma? I don't like her! Can you please ask her to leave?" Shirley requested as she ran to their mother.

Sheryl held the little girl closely in her arms. She could feel her little heart throbbing. She looked into her eyes and marked a certain fear in her bright, innocent eyes. Sheryl touched her hair, thinking of what to say. Even these kids knew what a disaster it would be to allow Leila to stay in their house. But now that Charles had given his consent to it, there was little for her to do. She had to consider Charles' feeling as well, but she would have a word with him later.

"I don't like her either. Look, she's going to stay here for a couple of days. We owe her a b

forward. Thus he was a little angry at his wife.

At the same time, Sheryl felt that she was the one who should blame him. It was ridiculous of this man not to explain anything to her, but instead blame her for her silence.

"Don't you know why I turned my back to you? You should have expected this when you gave your consent to your mother to bring Leila home. This is all I'm about! Do you think I can manage to accept her living under the same roof after what she did to us before?" Sheryl shouted. Then she sat up on the bed abruptly.

Charles was completely taken aback. He gazed at Sheryl with his mouth wide opened, and it took a few seconds before he figured exactly what had happened.

His mother brought Leila back here in this house.

Charles then knitted his brows. He was the last person to learn the news. His mother kept it from him deliberately because she knew it very well that if she had asked for his approval, he would have turned her down without any hesitation.

No wonder Sheryl was provoked. She must have thought that he was aware of it and had given his approval. Though she was wrong in her assumption, he couldn't tell her the truth at the moment. The relationship between his wife and his mother was tense, and it would definitely add fuel on the flames if Sheryl learned that it was his mother's idea alone.

Charles then decided to keep quiet, although he would have a word with his mother the next day for sure.

But on the other hand, Sheryl had no idea what was going on in his mind. She firmly believed that both the mother and son joined up to force her into accepting Leila's co-living with them under the same roof. "You have got nothing to say to me? Fine! She saved your mother's life, and so you offered her your house to live in, right?" she sneered.

"No, I didn't offer anything!" Charles protested.

"Then, why did she show up with your mother? Was that entirely your mother's decision?" Sheryl speculated as she stared at Charles with knitted brows.

Charles became silent again, which drove Sheryl crazy.

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