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   Chapter 1545 Why They Took Her Home

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Right at this moment, Nancy informed them that dinner was ready. And Charles began to walk Sheryl to the dining table, with his hand carefully wrapped around her waist. Sheryl sighed internally and permitted him to help her. She had to pretend that she was suffering an awful stomachache and had no energy to talk. In short, she told herself she was reaping what she had sown.

"Clark and Shirley had their supper before you arrived. They said they were starving so I let them eat. Now they must be studying in their room. It's just the two of us. So let's sit down and have our supper alone!" Sheryl hurriedly explained and patted the chair beside her when she noticed that Charles was expectantly waiting for the kids.

"Okay. I love having supper with you alone. We rarely get a chance these days," Charles said with a smile before sitting down.

Deep down, he couldn't wait to see Clark and Shirley. He hadn't seen them the whole day and missed their sweet faces. It was natural for a working father to crave seeing his kids. But he knew it wasn't right to voice his desire to see them. Instead, he wolfed his food down as quickly as possible and stood up immediately, nodding to Sheryl that he was going to the kids' room upstairs.

Sheryl, on the other hand, got anxious when she noticed he was heading towards their room. The last thing she wanted was for them to tell their father what happened at the hospital earlier today. Without thinking much, she went ahead to stop him.

"Please stop, Charles! They spent the whole day playing. And now finally they got some time to do their homework. Our girl is really falling behind in her school work. Please don't interrupt them. You can play with them later," she pleaded.

She then went forward and grabbed Charles' arm to stop him from leaving.

Even though Charles felt there was something weird about her behavior, he still obliged to his wife's request. He sat down again and took a cup of tea in his hands as his wife ate patiently. As if to break the silence, his phone began to buzz. He wasn't even done with the tea. He glanced at his phone and saw his assistant's name. The assistant reminded his boss of the upcoming teleconference. Charles then nodded at his wife, stood up and walked into his study.

As soon as Charles was out of sight, Nancy appeared from the kitchen. She complained in a concerned tone, "Sher, why didn't you tell Mr. Lu what happened at the hospital just now? Tolerance may bring you more trouble in the future."

When Sheryl took the kids back home this morning, Nancy had sensed that something was not right. Sheryl seemed absentminded, while Clark was upset. She noticed that Shirley's eyes were swollen, which meant she had cried. Finally, Nancy guessed that Melissa must have said something terrible. After speaking to Shirley, it turned out her suspicions were true.

Sheryl refused to utter a word about their experience at the hospital, but the kids would easily spill the beans. Even Nancy began to explode after Shirley told her what their grandma had said. It seemed that the lady only got wrinkles on her forehead as she grew older, but her heart was as hard as a stone. Such words were not supposed to come from an elderly woman, especially a grandma. This was when Nancy deciphered why the knots between Sheryl and her mother-in-law were hard to untie. But eit

hello to her!" Melissa said with a hint of sarcasm and rolled her eyes.

"What is this woman doing in our home? I don't like her," Shirley exclaimed without any hesitation. She pouted and looked at their grandma for an explanation.

This attitude pissed Melissa off. She fixated her eyes sternly and said, "Behave yourself. It is improper to behave in such a manner with a guest. I believe your mother didn't teach you how to be polite!"

Her voice was loud and harsh.

Frightened, Shirley hid behind Clark, peeping at Melissa.

Clark stretched his arms to protect his sister and said to their grandma, "Grandma, you haven't told us why this aunt is here in our house." His face was solemn.

"This is not a question you should be asking!" Melissa spat back. Melissa had no desire to give an explanation to these kids. Clark realized that he'd better not waste his time here with the people that he disliked. He held his sister's hand and walked to the staircase.

"Stop where you are, right away. Show some respect. This is my son's house, and I'm free to bring whoever I like!" Melissa shouted desperately from behind. She didn't realize that the louder she spoke, the guiltier she looked. It seemed like she was convincing herself, more than anyone else.

Clark didn't stop. Instead, he turned a deaf ear to his grandmother's calls.

Shirley began crying before they got to their room. Her tears were streaming down her chin but she dared not to make any noise, afraid that their grandma would shout even louder at them.

"Stop crying, Shirley. Mom will be upset if she sees your red eyes when she gets home," Clark pleaded in a soothing voice. After shutting the door, he took a piece of tissue and wiped the tears off Shirley's cheeks.

He then took Shirley to the balcony of their room, realizing fresh breath of air would do her some good. He wanted her as far away from these people as possible. Their mother once told him that he could look outside when he was down. It was the best way to lift someone's spirits.

They lingered on the balcony for a very long time. It was getting dark and the breeze was chilly, but the two little figures were still there on the balcony of the second floor. They found solace there.

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