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   Chapter 1543 Clark's Words

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Suddenly, Leila's face turned serious. She took Melissa's hand and solemnly said, "Aunt Melissa, although the abduction was fake, I can promise you that I'd do anything to save you if it was real. Aunt Melissa, look, you're the only person I can completely depend on in this world. If there is anything that I didn't do well enough before, please excuse me for that. I'll show you the rest of my life that I'll always love you and respect you."

Like a string of pearls, tears began falling down from Leila's eyes.

Overwhelmed, Melissa patted the back of Leila's hands and said sincerely, "You're always nice to me, Leila. If there were any misunderstanding between us, it might mostly been my fault. I've learned my lesson. I can identify good from bad now. We're going to take care of each other in the future."

Melissa's words sort of assured Leila. She felt secured.

Delighted by the thought that she would soon move back to the Lu family and could see Charles every day, Leila gripped Melissa's hand again and sobbed, "I must have done lots of good things in my previous life, or I must be blessed by heaven. Meeting you is the best thing that ever happened to me, Aunt Melissa!" Looking at Melissa attentively, Leila felt like she was watching her own mother.

Melissa enjoyed Leila's flattery and couldn't help smiling. She gazed at Leila gladly and promised with determination, "I'm deeply flattered, Leila. Please wait for some time. I'll make arrangements so you can move back to our house soon, and then I don't have to be alone anymore!"

"Thank you, Aunt Melissa. I have no other wishes in my life as long as I can stay with you!" Leila said placidly, but the truth was, she was jumping out of joy from the inside.

"I'll find a perfect time to talk to Charles later, and I believe that after he has seen how well you treat me, he'll agree without any hesitation," Melissa assured her.

Leila smiled and nodded. She could already paint the picture in her mind.

Inside Dream Garden, Nancy was busy packing food into lunch boxes.

"Sher, are you going to visit Mrs. Lu?" she asked. Sheryl had asked Nancy to cook several dishes, which were all Melissa's favorites, but with low lipid and high protein. Although Sheryl didn't mention it, Nancy supposed that was what Sheryl would do.

Sheryl cracked a faint smile at Nancy, and then nodded. She came to help Nancy in packing and sounding a little annoyed, she said, "Charles told me that Leila was stabbed in her arm when rescuing his mother, and I want to pay her a visit to show my gratitude."

Sheryl was sen

on't have school today, so they want to visit their grandma," she replied.

"Visit me? Great! To see whether I'm dead or alive?" Peeling an apple for Leila, Melissa concluded sarcastically.

Sheryl didn't answer. Instead, she looked at her kids worriedly, regretting even taking them here. Shirley's tears were welling up in her eyes already and Clark was clutching his hands.

"If there is anyone in this world who treats me with heart and soul, it must be Leila. If you were there, I bet you would never risk your life to save me! What's more, you may have wished me dead, so you will be the only hostess in the Lu family!" Melissa had gone too far. She began blurting out the things in her imagination.

Sheryl looked at Melissa and Leila, who already had her tail up. She realized that the more she gave in, the more Melissa would advance. She then decided to fight back, but Clark was faster than her.

He couldn't take it anymore. Clark supposed that their grandma might have hurt her brain. Looking for a bone in the egg, their grandma was clearly provoking their mother. Their mother could stand it, but he couldn't.

"Grandma, why do you have to talk like that? Why are you treating my mother so wrongly? You treat this strange woman nicer than how you treat my mother. The nurse here might even take her as your daughter-in-law and my mother as your foe." Clark said with a well-organized thought, straightening his back.

"Ridiculous! What are you talking about? Who taught you to say that? Tell me! Is that your mother?" Melissa shouted angrily, feeling embarrassed that the little boy was able to point out what she was thinking.

Staring at Clark fiercely, Melissa pounced at him and took the bait.

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