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   Chapter 1542 Don't Do It Again

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"Mrs. Lu, don't worry. Miss Zhang is all right. She simply has hypoglycemia, so she is a little frail. Be mindful not to stimulate her after she wakes up. A good mood will be helpful for her," the doctor advised.

Melissa continued asking nervously, "How can it be? She is always as fit as a fiddle. How come she has hypoglycemia now?"

"Well..." Hesitant, the doctor added, "It's probably because of her irregular lifestyle. If she doesn't eat or sleep regularly, she will have hypoglycemia. Moreover, excessive fatigue could also lead to poor health."

After their conversation, the doctor left with the nurses, while Leila went inside the patient's room.

Melissa felt so sad for Leila that her body suddenly went limp. Luckily Charles caught her before she fell on the floor.

"It's all my fault! I know Leila is a poor girl who has no family, but I still drove her away. If it weren't for me, she wouldn't have suffered so much. She doesn't deserve this!" Melissa sobbed, tears continuously streaming down her cheeks.

Melissa had been with Leila all the time and hadn't eaten anything, so she was pretty weak now.

Seeing that Melissa might pass out any time, Charles held her to sit in the patient's room, and urged her to do some checkups. To his relief, she was all right except for some excessive shock. The doctor assured him that Melissa would recover after some good rest.

"I need to stay with Leila. The doctor said I'm all right anyway," Melissa pleaded with Charles, wearing a hospital gown.

Charles had no choice but to walk Melissa to Leila's room. When they opened the door, they saw the nurse changing fresh dressing for Leila's wound.

"She won't wake up anytime soon. What's more, the patient needs some rest. Please don't stay here too long as you will disturb her," the nurse said. Taking a glance at Melissa, who was also dressed in a hospital gown, the nurse added, "You're also a patient. Make sure that you rest well enough."

"Yes, we'll keep that in mind. Thank you!" Charles said politely. After the nurse left, Charles and Melissa sat on the side of Leila's bed.

Leila's face was as white as a sheet, which made Charles feel sick at heart. He wasn't sad for her, of course

"Mom, I have something urgent to deal with. I have to go now. I'll ask someone to send food for you."

"Alright. You just go ahead. Your business is the priority," Melissa nodded. "As for Leila, I'll take care of her." She mentioned Leila on purpose to remind Charles to show his gratitude.

However, Charles was too occupied to pay Leila any attention. He just gave her a slight nod and left.

Noticing that Charles totally ignored her, Leila felt the need to work harder to gain his attention. But Charles didn't care about her at all even though she was injured. What else could she do?

The room suddenly fell into silence after Charles left.

"Leila, are you really all right?" Melissa was really worried about her this time. Leila's injury wasn't part of their plan, which made her concerned.

"Aunt Melissa, don't worry. It's just minor injury," Leila replied gently. She tried to comfort Melissa to let her feel better.

'What a considerate girl! Even though she was hurt, she pretends as if nothing had happened just to comfort me, ' Melissa thought.

Melissa shook her head and sighed as if she was still afraid. "If the kidnappers had stabbed a little bit deeper, you would have died!"

"Aunt Melissa, it's not that serious. It's just an arm. I'm not dying anytime soon," Leila smiled carelessly.

A grin crept across Melissa's face as she saw Leila's radiant smile. Pretending to be angry, she lectured, "Naughty girl! Don't you ever do that again!"

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