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   Chapter 1541 Melissa's Gratitude Towards Leila

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Charles cast a quick glance at Leila, instructing her to say something to distract the two kidnappers, so he could get a chance to rescue his mother.

He would never figure out what would happen next even if he wrecked his brain a thousand times.

Leila nodded at him confidently, as if she had caught up with what Charles was asking of.

However, instead of talking to the kidnappers as Charles expected her to do, Leila took big strides and came to one of them desperately.

Taken aback, Charles cursed at her in his head and got ready to fight.

Leila tipped them a wink as she threw herself at them. Little did Charles know that this was all a plot schemed by Leila and Melissa to force him into accepting Leila back to their house.

The kidnapper that Leila was running into pretended to be shocked and took out a knife.

Leila screamed, but it was too late for her to retreat. She hurriedly leaned on one side, but one of her arms still got stabbed.

Without any hesitation, Charles lifted his foot and kicked the kidnapper with great strength. Both kidnappers ran in a flurry, giving Charles the chance to drag his mother aside. After confirming that his mother was alright, he then turned around and started throwing punches at them.

Charles had a strong body since he had been working out, and he deliberately got himself trained in case any accidents might take place. Five minutes later, both kidnappers struggled on the ground covered in bruises all over. As a gentleman, Charles would never press any enemy at bay, so he stopped right there.

Both struggled to stand on their feet, grinning in pains. Then they switched eyes secretly and suddenly started to run away. But Charles wouldn't let them go so easily, ready to take to his heels.

Hardly before he could move, Charles heard a loud scream from behind, making him stop. He threw a worried glance towards his mother, only to find Leila lying on the ground.

He turned to the kidnappers again but the two men were already too far for him to catch up, each running in different directions. Charles punched in the air and turned around resentfully to check how his mother was doing.

"Mom, are you hurt? Let me take you to a doctor now for a checkup," he asked with concern as he reached out to hold her. But instead of answering, Melissa pushed his hands away and stumbled to Leila, collapsing on the ground beside her. She swept over Leila, her eyes fixed on her bleeding arm. Her lips trembled as she turned to ask Charles, "What happened? Why is Leila here? Leila, please wake up! It's me, Melissa. Don't scare me, okay?"

Charles put a long face, but he couldn't watch his mother falling apart like that.

He heaved a deep sigh and took out his phone to call the police. Not long after, an ambulance arrived and Leila was carried on in a stretcher.

Melissa also got in the ambulance while Charles d

rest. It will be best if you will lie in bed until she wakes up," Charles tried asking her again.

But Melissa shook her head again. She turned to Charles, tears welling up from her eyes, frightening Charles with her reaction.

"Mom, please! If you would like to stay here, just stay here, and I won't say another word about it. The doctors have already told us that Leila is alright. Please take it easy!" Charles hurriedly explained. At the same time, Charles was wondering since when the two of them became so intimate. Leila could risk her life to save Melissa, while Melissa insisted on staying outside the operating room until Leila woke up.

"You will never understand, Charles. I might have long died if Leila didn't help me while I was in prison. But instead of returning her kindness, I asked her to move out of our house. Look what she did just now! I blame myself for treating her so badly. She's always been nice to me." Tears began running down along her cheeks as Melissa told her story.

Charles just listened without judgment, thinking it might do his mother a little good if she spoke out all the things on her mind.

He kept silent until the light above the operating room was switched off and the doctors came out.

"How's Leila, doctor?" Melissa asked hastily, stepping in front of the doctor and grabbing his arms.

The doctor took his arm back and took off his mask before replying her. "Please put your heart at rest, Mrs. Lu. There is nothing wrong with her, but she might not wake up until the next morning."

"Why does it take so long if there is nothing wrong with her? Are you holding back something to me?" Melissa asked immediately. She already felt relieved a moment ago, but now Melissa felt tensed again.

Beside them, Charles also blamed the doctor for his inappropriate pause. He waited patiently for the doctor's explanation and hoped that it would ease his mother's anxiety.

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