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   Chapter 1540 I'm Sincere

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Charles turned around upon hearing the loud noise, and found Leila kneeling on the floor. Any passersby could see her since the door to his office was open. His secretary stood aghast, not knowing what to do.

"What are you doing? Get up now!" Charles shouted at her. He was pretty angry that Leila dared to push him, but it would be too awkward if he would help her up.

Sobbing, Leila stared at Charles with teary eyes and said, "Mr. Lu, I know you don't like me. But Aunt Melissa is like my own mother. I'm sincere! Had I not known her, I couldn't have survived my time in jail. She has been so kind to me so I have regarded her as family. If you don't know, I lost my mom when I was very young, so I've never felt a mother's love. Aunt Melissa has changed my whole life. She saved me..."

Truth be told, Charles was moved by her confession. Even though Leila wasn't a good person, she might have really cared about Melissa.

Noticing the hesitation in Charles eyes, Leila knew that she could still change his mind. So she immediately added, "Mr. Lu, I am not asking for your permission. I would still follow you even if you won't allow me. You can't stop me!"

It was the critical moment now. She and Melissa had gone so far. If she didn't follow Charles to show him her sincerity, their efforts would all be in vain.

Charles raised his left arm to check out the time. It was getting close to their agreed time. And here he was caught up in this discussion. Time was ticking really fast, and he couldn't afford such delays.

Glancing at Leila, who was still down on her knees, he took things into consideration. She seemed to care nothing about her own dignity, ignoring all the curious and contemptuous gaze she was now getting from other people.

Considering the fact that she had been imprisoned before, Charles expected her to care more about self-respect. But in order to help Charles in saving Melissa, she could cast away her self-esteem. Charles knew that he shouldn't ignore her anymore.

After thinking it through, he decided to accept Leila's offer.

"Fine. You can go with me. But you have to listen to me all the time. If you dare to get in my way, I promise I won't spare you!" Charles snapped. Truth be told, Charles didn't fully trust her. He couldn't forget the malicious

nce at the other end of the line. They might be discussing his demand.

After a while, someone answered, "All right!"

Then the call got cut off. Charles and Leila took the money and walked out of the car. They walked around the building, and soon saw the kidnappers walking out from the back. Charles found it weird since they checked it out earlier and there wasn't anyone onsite moments ago.

The kidnappers pulled Melissa as they approached Charles.

Melissa was in a wretched plight. She was dirty all over, while her face and hair were in a mess. Charles felt so sorry for his mother. When he reached out to pull Melissa back, the kidnappers stopped him.

One of the kidnappers grasped Melissa, while the other one pointed a gun at Charles' head.

They were all masked, so Charles couldn't see their faces.

"Take it slowly, Mr. Lu. Give me your money first!"

Charles didn't say anything as he handed him the money.

However, after the kidnappers got the money, they didn't set Melissa free. Instead, they forced her to retreat back slowly, still pointing the gun at Charles.

"What are you doing? You already got the money. Why don't you set her free now?" Charles asked urgently.

"Don't worry, Mr. Lu. Once we are sure that we're safe, we'll let her go," one of them answered. The kidnappers acted pretty cautious. They knew that Charles was a big boss in the commercial world, so they were afraid that he got backup.

Hearing that, Charles clenched his fists in fury. But he didn't dare to act irresponsibly.

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