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   Chapter 1539 It's None Of Your Business

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Nick felt a strong emotion of shame after listening to Isla's words. He put his hand behind his head and tried to conceal his feelings. He comforted Isla, "Isla, come on. It's not that bad, right? Look at me! I'm perfectly fine. Nothing has happened to me. But it's a pity that I didn't catch that person! I just feel extremely useless."

"Don't you dare worry about that. I am glad you are all right. You don't have to get yourself in this mess. Leave this catching job to Mr. Lu," Isla said to Nick. When they were having this conversation, Cassie was busy preparing the fruits.

Actually, at that time, in Cassie's heart, she hoped that she could be like Nick. 'Although Sheryl and Isla are not his real sisters, they treat him like a real brother. How good is their relationship!' Cassie thought to herself.

Isla continued talking with Nick for some time, yet she made sure to not mention Melissa. The last thing she wanted was to worry Nick.

"Cassie, please take good care of Nick. It's time for me to leave now. And Nick, Sheryl is too busy today to visit you. So take care of yourself, alright?" Isla said, looking at both Cassie and Nick. After Isla was done going over every minor detail they had to take care of, she left the room.

Cassie decided to walk her to the gate of the hospital.

"Cassie, I am very thankful to you. I have no idea how we would have handled it without your help. Thank you so much," Isla said, with genuine appreciation gleaming in her eyes. Seeing this formality, Cassie felt a little shocked.

"Isla, please don't talk to me like this. We are friends. You don't have to be so polite and formal. As a friend, I am just doing my duty," Cassie responded. Cassie didn't consider this as a job. In fact, her feeling for Nick made this experience so wonderful. She didn't want to cover up her feelings for him anymore.

"Alright, then. I hope you and Nick will be happy. Goodbye!" Isla said to Cassie and left.

In Nick's room, he was lost in his thoughts.

He felt extremely guilty as he thought about all the things that Cassie had done for him. He looked at the empty room and finally found some time to think to himself, 'Cassie was so nice to me, but I was suspicious of her. I even thought she had something going on with Jordan. Why was I so dumb to doubt her? Why didn't I trust her?'

Then his feeling of guilt became so strong that he started to blame himself. 'I wronged Cassie. I think I should apologize and make amends for it.'

When Cassie opened the door of the room, Nick didn't even glance up as he was lost in his thoughts.

Watching the painful look on Nick's face, Cassie assumed he must be suffering from the pain caused by his injury. So she rushed to the bedside and asked Nick nervously, "Nick? What's wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable?"

Once Cassie started talking, Nick realized that Cassie was back. Seeing the nervous look on her face, his guilt intensified.

d, "How did you know that my mother was kidnapped?"

Leila kept sobbing and answered, "Actually, a few days ago, Melissa told me that she felt like that someone was following her everywhere. I thought she was just being too sensitive and suspicious of everything, so I didn't pay much heed to it. We planned to meet each other today, but I called her a thousand times and received no answer. This behavior seemed so unlikely because she always picks up the phone. I knew that something must be wrong, so I called to your house. Nancy told me that Melissa was kidnapped. I was so worried about her. I cannot sit peacefully knowing that Melissa is in danger right now. That's why I came here."

"Alright, I get it. Now you can go back. I will find my mother and bring her back," Charles said. He was not moved by Leila's words and didn't want to waste more time on her. He asked the staff to come into his office to take the suitcases and planned to go to the place where the kidnapper had asked him.

"I'll come with you!" Leila said as she followed Charles. She chased after them like she didn't want Charles to escape out of her sight.

"Why?" Charles asked impatiently. He didn't like Leila and had no reason to pretend politeness.

"I consider Aunt Melissa as my family. I'm so worried about her! I want to come with you!" Leila said with strong determination. She was careful to use a low voice. There was something about her manner that made it seem like she was scared that Charles would refuse her.

Charles sneered and said, "Leila, who do you think you are? You are not my family. My family has nothing to do with you. It's none of your business. You may be close to my mom, but that proximity won't make you her daughter!" Charles didn't know how to get rid of this lady. His patience was wearing off.

He didn't care a bit about Leila's feelings and wasn't scared to make it obvious.

With a sigh, he started walking, leaving her behind.

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