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   Chapter 1538 Visiting Nick

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"Now, stop smiling like a little fool. Eat this," Cassie said as she gave Nick a slice of apple. As Nick indulged into the fresh and crunchy fruit, they started having some casual conversation.

Ever since Nick was hospitalized, Cassie had been dedicatedly taking care of him. Nick was deeply touched by her love and concern towards him.

The ongoing conversation between the two lovers was interrupted when all of a sudden, someone knocked on the door and came in. "Cassie, umm..." It was a nurse who stood at a distance with a distressed look seeking immediate attention from Cassie for some seemingly awkward situation.

Seeing the expression on her face, Cassie knew that something must have occurred. She nodded to let her continue.

"Jordan is here!" the nurse blurted and shared a glance at Nick.

"Ask him to go. He's so annoying! Doesn't he know that I don't want to see him?" Cassie exclaimed with her brows stitched. She pointed at the door and gestured for the nurse to pass her words to him.

"Damn it! He hasn't done with the nonsense! Was my warning not enough for him?" Nick shouted angrily, trying to sit up immediately to confront Jordan.

"Be careful with your wound, Nick!" Cassie put her hand on his shoulder to stop him. "You don't need to waste any time or energy with such a rascal!" Cassie patted on his shoulder trying to calm him down. She was worried that Nick might get his wound torn open again if he went out.

However, Nick was far from being calm. The more Cassie tried to pacify him, the more agitated he became. "We can't always hide away from him. Let's meet him right now. I want to see what he really wants, okay?" Nick asked and looked at Cassie firmly.

Cassie marked the sternness in his face and realized that he wouldn't let go of it so easily. Having no other choices, she agreed. She helped Nick up and escorted him out.

When they reached the reception area, Jordan was right there pacing back and forth anxiously.

Hearing the approaching footsteps, he looked up and saw Cassie. A broad smile broke out on his face. However, when he noticed Nick by Cassie's side, the smile disappeared immediately. He strode towards them quickly. But before he could touch them, Nick punched him in the face. Caught off-guard, Jordan tumbled on the floor.


"Jordan, I'll let you go this time for the sake of Cassie. If you ever dare to harass her again, I'll let you regret for the rest of your life!" Nick warned him with gritted teet

The smile on Cassie's face disappeared at the very mention of Jordan. But she regained her composure soon and looked at Isla resolutely.

"Isla, you can rest assured. I have nothing to do with Jordan. Nick just drove him away from this place. I believe he wouldn't dare to come back again," Cassie said firmly. Her serious expression convinced Isla. She also knew that Nick wouldn't feel insecure regarding Cassie's relationship with Jordan again.

"That's good. Let go inside. I can't wait to see my courageous brother now!" Isla smiled and pushed the door open.

"Cassie baby, what took you so long?" Nick asked affectionately as soon as the door opened. He assumed that it was Cassie who came in with the warm water.

However, it turned out to be Isla.

Cassie flushed as she heard Nick's intimate words. But Isla was utterly amused.

"Nick, how come I didn't know that you could be so gentle?" Isla mocked, laughing heartily covering her mouth behind her hands.

Nick was so embarrassed that he wanted to bury himself in the blanket. He scratched his ear and asked shyly, "Isla, what brings you here?"

"So, do you think that I'm bothering you?" Isla made fun of them on purpose, which made Nick and Cassie even more embarrassed.

Having had enough fun, Isla asked, "All right. I was just joking. How is your injury? I heard from Sher that you have been a big hero this time. Tell me what you were thinking about! How dare you follow the murderer?"

Even though Isla didn't see by herself, she could imagine how dangerous the situation could have been. She knew that Nick was trying to help Sheryl. But he should never put his own life at risk.

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