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   Chapter 1535 Turning Over A New Leaf

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Leila turned and headed straight to the lingerie shop she owned. Melissa averted her eyes from Leila's back and hailed a taxi by the street to reach home.

"Nancy, make a pudding for me to take away!" Melissa ordered curtly. But the happiness in her face could not evade Nancy's eyes.

Nancy became curious. She remembered Melissa went out with a displeased look. And now she had come back so happy and delighted. What could be the reason? Was it that Melissa found a great deal of cash on her way home? So she could continue with her favorite pastime—gambling?

"Yes, Mrs. Lu!" Nancy replied. She shook her head to clear it out of the speculative thought about Melissa and walked straight into the kitchen to carry out Melissa's order.

These days, both Charles and Sheryl were too occupied with their work to care about Melissa's daily agenda. Taking advantage of this, Melissa must have indulged herself once again, and given in to her addiction to gambling. Besides, she completely forgot how badly her earlier ploy with Leila had failed. Now she had braced up to collude with Leila once again!

That day as she noticed that it was Nancy who picked up the kids after school, Melissa couldn't help but start to wonder.

"Nancy, I remember that you picked up the kids from school today, right? Why was it not Sheryl to do that job? Tell me why." Melissa demanded an answer, looking straight into Nancy's eyes. She didn't get used to the tiniest change in this house without being informed. There was obvious displeasure in Melissa's eyes. Then she moved her eyes to the kids.

"And you two little bastards! You have no respects for your grandma. Don't you even know how to greet when you meet your grandma? Where are your manners?" Melissa snapped out, glaring at the two petrified faces of Clark and Shirley.

"Hello, Grandma!" Clark greeted politely, as he felt the slightly charged atmosphere caused by Melissa. He gently patted his sister's back and guided, "Shirley, say hello to Grandma."

"Hello, Grandma."

"Grandma, if you don't have anything else to tell us, Shirley and I will go upstairs and do the homework!" Observing Melissa's angry face, Clark smartly made an excuse to rush upstairs with Shirley, leaving Melissa no choice to speak more.

Nancy gave Melissa a faint smile and responded in a soft tone, "Mr. Lu and Sheryl are busy lately. They asked me to take care of the kids for the time being. And do you have anything else to ask? Because I have to prepare for dinner."

"Fine, Nancy, I understand. You should carry on with your business."

Melissa thought Charles would come home after dinner, but to her disappointment, he was not back even by the time when she went to bed.

The next morning, Melissa walked out of her bedroom as she yawned and stretched. Eager to see Charles, she walked over to knock on Charles' bedroom door. When she got no response from the room, she went downstairs to the dining room but still didn't find him. A little annoyed, she frowned and asked Nancy, "Nancy, where is Charles? And Sheryl? Did they not come home last night?"

"They got up early this morning and left for work. The kids have also left for the school. Mrs. Lu, it seems that you were a little late to wake up today. Tell me, what do you want to have for breakfast? How about porridge with fried dough sticks?" Nancy mana

couldn't capture a trace of displeasure on her face. In response, Melissa heaved a sigh again. "I agree. It was all because of me! How could I be so unfriendly to my daughter-in-law?"

"Thanks, Mom, for paying this visit." Charles' face lit up as he spoke, and a contented smile spread over his face. He could never express how much relieved he felt at the moment. He could not thank Melissa enough for the consolation she brought to his heart. Suddenly, he felt so light as if a huge weight had been lifted from his chest.

Melissa kept speaking to him, showing her solicitude about her son and her daughter-in-law. Her words were like music to his ears and this soup felt like the most fulfilling meal he'd had in a long time. Charles enjoyed every drop of it. After all, his mom brought it for him with so much love. The whole process was filled with family affections until Charles finished the soup. Melissa was very pleased. She knew that her visit did make a difference. With her lips curved into a faint smile, she was ready to say goodbye to his son and leave.

"Mom, I am busy reading an important document. So I can't leave my office. Forgive me to let my secretary show you out this time," Charles apologized, as he promptly dialed his secretary's extension number.

Melissa quickly waved her hand and refused. "Well, that's not necessary. I can walk out of here by myself. Let the secretary help you with your work, so you can come back home earlier tonight. I really miss the time when we all enjoyed the dinner together as a family."

"Okay, I will try my best to reach home earlier tonight. Goodbye, Mom."

After Melissa left, Charles stopped what he was doing. Instead, he kept his gaze fixed at the closed door. With blank eyes, he thought gleefully, 'That's exactly what I have been waiting for. Finally, Mom had thought this through and decided to turn over a new leaf. Hope Mom really meant what she had said.'

Charles was convinced that he could persuade Sheryl to let go of her grudges accumulated against Melissa, as long as Melissa was really determined to change her attitude towards Sheryl. If the relationship between Melissa and Sheryl could be repaired, then his family would be filled with love and care.

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