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   Chapter 1534 Being Touched

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"Well, Leila. Thank you, but..." Melissa was touched. She hadn't expected Leila to buy her so many things. Although she said she didn't want them, she felt overjoyed deep down. It was becoming increasingly difficult to conceal her excitement.

"Don't mention it, Aunt Melissa. We're good friends, and these are simply gifts. I hope you like them," Leila replied.

Melissa happily accepted. The items weren't cheap, but Leila didn't show a shred of hesitation when she paid for them. It seemed as though she didn't care how much they cost at all.

Leila's generosity filled Melissa with joy. Since Charles cut her off, she hadn't been able to go shopping and spending lavishly.

"How about this purse? Do you like it? I think it suits you," Leila remarked, examining an ordinary-looking purse.

Melissa took it and looked at it carefully. She liked everything about it, from style to color. It seemed Leila truly knew what she liked.

She flipped the tag, casually checking the price. She was stunned. The purse was not especially eye-catching, but its price was outrageous.

Melissa thought for a while. She liked the purse, but she knew that if she said so, Leila would definitely buy it for her. It was too expensive, and to be honest, she didn't want Leila to spend any more than she had already done. She already bought her too many things.

Leila seemed to guess what was on Melissa's mind. Before Melissa could even respond, Leila had already waved a saleswoman over to them.

"Hello. We'll take this purse," she said.

"Leila, it's too expensive. Please don't..." Melissa waved a hand, politely refusing Leila's generosity.

"Well..." The saleswoman stood still. She didn't know what to do next.

"Pack it up," Leila simply said. She then turned her head to look at Melissa. "Aunt Melissa, it's just a purse. It's just a small token of appreciation for taking care of me

like two creatures combined into one. The two women looked quite close. Who would have believed that just days prior, one of these women kicked the other out of the Lu family's house?

The next morning, Melissa awoke feeling refreshed. She called Leila and asked to meet.

Half an hour later, they were together, talking over breakfast.

"What's the matter, Aunt Melissa? Anything wrong?" Leila was displeased when she received Melissa's phone call. But she had to suppress her irritation.

It was still quite early in the morning. She was sleeping when Melissa called. Naturally, she awoke grumpy.

"Leila, I have a perfect plan to get you back into the Dream Garden. But we have to work together," Melissa said tentatively.

'Already?' Leila's eyes lit up.

"Aunt Melissa..." Leila was visibly more refreshed and attentive than she was earlier. She glanced at Melissa and continued, "To be honest, I just want to stay with you because it was you who made me become who I am today!"

"Good. We are sure to succeed then." Melissa then leaned closer and whispered her plan. The talk took half an hour.

Later, the expressions on their faces proclaimed that they had a good conversation.

After breakfast and lunch, they went their separate ways.

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