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   Chapter 1533 Because I'm A Lucky Girl

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Melissa strode hastily towards the dining table, glancing at Sheryl, Shirley and Clark, who were having their food. She took a look at the food and started to criticize it.

However, Sheryl didn't even bother to make eye contact with her. Rather, she just continued enjoying her meal. Suddenly, Melissa stopped rambling abruptly, because she thought Sheryl's indifferent attitude was an insult to her. She flared up immediately.

"Sheryl, I must say, you have a great life! You don't need to lift a finger at home. No laundry, no cooking. Food is ready when you get up. You are served like a queen! You couldn't possibly have dreamed about it before you married Charles, right?" Melissa said in a voice dripping with sarcasm. Her hatred and jealousy to Sheryl were out and clear in front of everyone present in the room.

Melissa resisted the urge to smash Sheryl's tableware at once. How she hated to see Sheryl in such a contented and peaceful state!

Finally, Sheryl responded. Much opposed to what Melissa had expected, Sheryl was not at all furious at her. She just cast a glance at Melissa and said curtly, "That's right. Because I'm a lucky girl." Then she turned back and pursed her lips in utter disregard towards Melissa. It was obvious that Melissa's voice was no music to her ears.

Sheryl's reaction infuriated Melissa. Glaring at Sheryl with resentful and burning eyes, Melissa became even more furious.

"You are such a lazy woman! You have no virtue of a wife and a mother. I can't wait to see Charles drive you out of our family one day!" Melissa snapped harshly.

Then she turned around and took brisk steps towards the stairway and went upstairs. Each of her steps created thudding noise as if she was trying to vent out her anger by stamping hard on the ground.

Her sarcasm didn't affect Sheryl even a bit. Instead, Sheryl felt quite amused that she was able to irritate Melissa so easily. It was indeed an achievement. Not so long ago, she was completely overpowered by Melissa in this family. But at the moment the situation was different.

Thinking of that, she couldn't stop herself from breaking into a smile. Seeing that Clark had finished eating, she asked him gently whether he needed more. Her stable mood also helped make her children feel secure.

Melissa's misconduct had left a deep scar in their hearts that was not to be erased so easily. Every time they saw Melissa, they would recall how she abused Shirley and how she cursed their mother. Therefore when Melissa approached them, they would get nervous and alert. They were afraid that Melissa would attack their mother or them once again. But now Sheryl's attitude reassured them that they were safe enough.

Luckily Melissa didn't stay there long. After she left, both Clark and Shirley

eplied. Her voice was full of grievance. Her eyes moistened as she recalled how she was mistreated at home.

Leila quickly comforted, "Don't worry, Aunt Melissa. Today is time for fun. We'll just enjoy ourselves. If anything is bothering you, talk to me, please. Sometimes you can feel better after you pour out your worries to other people. Just tell me if there is anything I can do for you. I just hope that you are happy."

Melissa was deeply touched by Leila's words. She felt that Leila cared about her from the bottom of her heart. What a nice and considerate girl she was!

"All right, see you then," Melissa said.

After hanging up the phone, Melissa started to choose clothes for herself. She was so elated that she hummed a joyful tune as she tried her outfits. The very mention of spending time with Leila made her heart to jig a happy dance.

When she arrived at the venue, she saw Leila waiting there. Once again Melissa could not stop appreciating her for being so punctual.

"Sorry, Leila, I'm late," she apologized with a smile. As Melissa approached her, she could see the sweat on Leila's forehead. She realized that Leila must have waited here for quite a long time; therefore she felt guilty for being late.

"That's all right. I arrived here not long ago," Leila smiled gently.

"Aunt Melissa, do you want to go shopping there? I see a lot of people crowding there. They might be having some really good stuff," Leila said as she pointed at the shopping mall just a few steps from where they were standing.

Melissa turned to the direction and found that it was a fancy place, and many fashionable people were coming in and out. She nodded at Leila.

When they were shopping, Leila took good care of Melissa. Whenever her eyes lingered on a piece of attire or a bag, Leila would buy it and give it to her immediately.

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