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   Chapter 1532 Anger

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In the Hu mansion, Rex had just gotten home from his dinner party. While he reeked of alcohol, he was still completely sober.

Black had waited for his father the whole day. When he heard some shuffling noise, he came downstairs immediately.

"Dad, who did you drink with? It's so late." Black assisted his father by holding him by his arms as he guided him towards the sofa in the living room.

Rex just waved his hand and said, "No big deal. I can handle my alcohol. You know who you should be concerned about? Your uncle! He was so drunk he couldn't even get home by himself! But me? I'm fine. I can still have another drink if I want to!"

Amused by Rex's inebriation, Black asked a maid to bring Rex a cup of tea. He wasn't used to seeing his father this drunk.

Rex rested his head on the sofa and closed his eyes.

Black took a seat next to his father. For a while, none of them said anything for Black didn't know how to tell his father about what was bothering his mind.

After a few moments, the maid came back with the cup of tea in hand. She handed it to Black who in turn handed it to his father.

When Rex had sobered up, Black had finally mustered up the courage to speak, "Dad, I need to talk to you."

"What is it?" Rex said as he rubbed the skin between his eyebrows with his fingers.

"Well, I've been seeing Holley, so technically, she's my girlfriend and that makes her part of the family, right? If she's in any trouble, we're supposed to help her, right? Since we're family and all."

Rex glowered as soon as Black mentioned Holley. He wasn't very pleased about the idea that Black was defending such a woman.

"Just because I don't care what goes on between the two of you doesn't mean I don't know what's happening. I just don't see what you see in her. She obviously isn't your type and she definitely doesn't fit our standards. She isn't fit to be part of the Hu family."

Black became furious at this. He couldn't believe that his own father could talk this way about his girlfriend.

"Dad, please don't talk about Holley like that. She's my girlfriend and I love her."

Rex chuckled. "You love her? What about her? Does she love you? Does she


This angered Melissa so much that she almost lost control.

She was gone for almost a day and a half yet no one cared. No one was waiting for her. No one cared where she was. No one asked where she went. No one cared about her!

She was part of this family just as everyone was! What angered Melissa wasn't just that Sheryl was ignoring her but also, her children!

Melissa didn't look too happy. She was grinding her teeth and clenching her fist. The vein on her forehead was protruding and her eyes were cold and sharp like knives.

At this moment, all that she had been through raced through Melissa's mind. Soon, bitter tears were falling down from her cold eyes. She would never forget that because that was the most scared experience she had been through in her entire life.

She felt like she was being tortured then. She couldn't see anything but the darkness. She felt as if everyone had abandoned her. She thought she was going to die like her whole life had flashed before her eyes.

And Sheryl?

She was having the time of her life with the Lu family. Here she was enjoying her cup of tea and laughing with her children.

Melissa couldn't handle any of this. Why did she have to suffer? Why was she the one who had to go through all of this? She couldn't help but wish that Sheryl would suffer the way she did. It was so unfair.

The more Melissa thought about this, the angrier she felt. She was so close to losing her temper.

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