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   Chapter 1531 Holley’s Problems

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"Look, I was sort of busy in the last few days, and I might have neglected you. Please don't be mad at me. I promise I'll make up to you for that." Melissa looked into Leila's eyes as she spoke.

"Oh, I believe you didn't get time to have your meal. Please take some food with me," Melissa said and took two pairs of chopsticks, passing one pair to Leila.

Although she had had something before taking her nap, she was hungry all over again now and dug into the meal regardless of her image in front Leila. After all, it was more important to fill the belly.

After a span of silence as they got engrossed in the food, Melissa lifted her head and observed Leila having her food silently. "Leila, I don't mean to offend you, but where did you get the three million bucks?" Melissa blurted out all of a sudden. Melissa had been too obsessed with her own business after she was set free. She was well aware of Leila's financial conditions, and there was absolutely no means for her to get such a large amount in such a short period. Even though Melissa was grateful to Leila, still she wanted to know the truth.

Leila kept chewing her food as she heard Melissa speak. Then she raised her head and smiled politely. She had prepared to answer this question before she came to meet Melissa. Hence Leila presented a perfect story before Melissa.

"You know that I'm running an underwear store now, right? The business has taken up well and a rich woman happened to invest her money in it. I'll pay her back little by little later," Leila explained seriously.

Somehow, Melissa was convinced by her story. It never occurred to her to speculate on the fact that how Leila got to meet such nice people who were ready to help her with such hefty sum of money and that it was too easily. Rather, Melissa was indeed impressed with Leila now. Earlier, she had taken Leila to be a useless fellow as she could not execute any of Melissa's plans properly. She even failed to get closer with Charles even as a friend. Yet now, she had obtained three million overnight! Melissa deduced that Leila was capable of dealing with rich people and it would help Melissa a lot when they returned to the Dream Garden.

At the same time, Melissa was increasingly repentant for mercilessly kicking Leila out of Dream Garden. After Leila moved out, she could hardly do much in the house and no one took her seriously. Even the kids began to neglect her, let alone Charles and Sheryl. She had a really tough time.

The moment the thought of Dream Garden came to Melissa's mind, Sheryl's face flashed in front of her eyes that made her cringe her face. No matter how tasty the food, the faintest remembrance of Sheryl and her indifferent smile was enough to make it all sour. Her breathing quickened and the throbbing headache started to take a toll on her all over again. Sheryl could get on her nerves at any minute.

Melissa took a few deep breaths to calm down. Ye

d no other option than to accept it.

She wondered how they would react if they learned what she decided to try now. Since Bernard had betrayed both his boss and her, they had become a sort of an ally in some way, and she hoped that they would help her to teach Bernard a lesson.

Hence, she was confident that she would get what she wanted. She brought a smile on her face before saying politely, "Hey, it's me." She spoke first because the man on the other side did not utter any words.

"Nice to hear from you, Miss Ye," the man greeted in a low and cold voice. The nonchalant and unforgiving undertone in his voice sent a chill down Holley's spine.

She let out a suppressed sigh and swore that if she had a choice, she would have never contacted them again.

"Tom, I'm calling to discuss something urgent with you," Holley said, coming straight to the point. She told Tom how Bernard had ditched his task and got together with Rachel. She told him how they threatened her.

Tom remained silent for a few seconds and replied, "Bernard is a traitor to us, and we will track him down even if it's okay for you. Please don't worry about that."

"I know, and that's why I called you the moment I learned that they were back. I paid for you to get rid of Rachel. And now they showed up together in front of me and threatened me to turn a blind eye to them. This is not acceptable to me, Tom," Holley complained.

There was complete silence on the other side of the phone as Holley completed her words. "It was our mistake not to complete your task, and I promise you'll get what you want very soon," Tom promised sternly. "I'll send one of my most able men to protect you, and take care of Bernard. This is my promise to you," he continued.

Holley took a sigh of relief then and hung up the phone after exchanging some words of appreciation. Her heart was lightened immediately as one of her biggest problems was expected to be settled very soon.

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