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   Chapter 1530 Overwhelmed By Leila’s Thoughtfulness

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Updated: 2019-09-12 01:11

Leila's face looked sincere and worried when she spoke. Thus, Melissa believed her. Besides, Leila was her only hope at that moment. Melissa felt blessed. Seeing Leila touched her deeply. She was overwhelmed by her old cellmate's assistance.

"But Leila, why are you here? How did you find me?" Melissa couldn't help asking. She greatly appreciated that Leila came to help her, but she was a cautious woman who always wanted to take control of any given situation.

Leila slightly turned her head away to conceal the disgust in her eyes and replied calmly, "A friend of mine happened to be in the same room as you when it happened and called me afterward. That's how I knew in the first place. I immediately booked a ticket for the earliest possible flight. Before I even arrived, I had already asked my friend to find out where you were

up of tea.

She smiled at Leila before changing in the bathroom. When she came out, Leila noted that her face had a noticeably healthy glow. She looked nothing like she did when she was locked up in the dark the previous night.

"You look fabulous, Aunt Melissa," Leila exclaimed with delight. Her smiling face shone over Melissa like the golden rays of the sun.

"Thank you, Leila. It's all because of you. I mean it," Melissa replied.

"You're talking like that again. I wish you all the best, Melissa. You are more like family than a friend. I'll always be there for you. It's a pity we can't see each other every day," she said earnestly, which revived Melissa's guilt. She began suspecting whether she was right to have asked Leila to move out of their house, and what Charles would say if she insisted on taking Leila back.

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