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   Chapter 1529 What Would Happen If I Didn't Make It

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In the hotel, Leila walked into her room and fell onto her bed immediately after she helped Melissa in cleaning up her mess. She had been so uptight the entire night. And now she could finally relax and have some time for herself.

Closing her eyes, she laid in bed even if she wasn't sleepy at all. She was still trying to come up with the perfect explanation so she could win Melissa's trust tomorrow.

Leila was surprised when she got the call from Holley. But it was a good opportunity for Leila to make up with Melissa.

Leila knew Melissa very well. She would be grateful since she helped her. But how long would that appreciation last? Probably a couple of hours. This thought made Leila laugh. She looked down at such kind of person.

A few days later, Melissa would totally forget what Leila had done for her. Just like when she kicked Leila out of the Lu family. No matter what Leila said, Melissa wouldn't change her mind. And when Leila asked for her help after that day, Melissa ignored her calls and messages, totally putting away the fact that Leila had helped her when she was in prison. Melissa was a selfish woman. She only cared about her personal interest and she never returned favors.

Therefore, Leila needed to seize this opportunity. Not only did she need to win Melissa's trust, but she also needed to force Melissa into taking her back to the Lu family, the sooner, the better. Otherwise, all her efforts would be in vain.

Opening her eyes again, Leila got lost in thought as she stared at the ceiling.

Since she got locked in the little dark room, Melissa had been anxious and nervous. Waking up from a nightmare from time to time, she couldn't sleep well the entire night. Her eyes were wide open and beads of sweat poured all over her forehead, as she tried to catch her breath.

What was worse, her stomach was growling, reminding her that she hadn't eaten for a long time. It was torturing her.

Melissa was upset and frustrated. Comparing her situation now, she felt like the days back in prison were way better. At least, back then she felt safe. Now, she had no idea what would come at her. It made her afraid and worried.

g, but she intentionally said something that would make Melissa mention Sheryl.

This was a great chance for Leila to get back to the Lu family. She needed to make good use of it.

"Of course, Charles won't blame me. It's Sheryl who will. She always gossips about me in front of Charles, driving a wedge between me and my son. You're much better than Sheryl, Leila. I wish you were my daughter-in-law. That way our family would be much happier," Melissa sighed helplessly.

Taking advantage of Melissa's words, Leila responded, "Aunt Melissa, we're already family, aren't we? Don't hesitate to call me if you need help in the future. I'm only one call away."

Leila's warm words made Melissa more determined to bring her back to the Lu family.

Now, Leila wasn't the only one who wanted her to be back in the family, so was Melissa.

"But I'm still a little concerned." Melissa was reluctant to share her worries with Charles. She didn't want to let him down again.

"Alright, Aunt Melissa. I'm here with you. There's nothing to worry about, okay?" Leila comforted Melissa.

"Leila, thanks for helping me out this time. How did you know that I was here? How did you make them let me go?"

Leila nodded, avoiding Melissa's question. "Aunt Melissa, I was so worried about you. I was afraid that something bad might happen to you. Thank God, I got here in time to save you. I can't imagine what would happen if I didn't make it on time."

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