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   Chapter 1528 Rescue Melissa

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 7666

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In Leila's crammed bedroom, she was sleeping peacefully.

Her sleep was interrupted as the phone began to buzz. The shrilling noise startled Leila, and she was compelled to return from her beautiful dream. Internally, she cursed the person who called her at this hour. With her eyes still half-closed, she answered the call impatiently. "Who is it?"

"Leila, who do you think I am? Enough of sleeping. I have something urgent to talk to you. And for that, I need to see you, right now!" Holley exclaimed from the other end.

As soon as Leila heard Holley's voice, she got out of her bed. Judging from Holley's serious tone, Leila was certain that this was indeed an emergency.

The sleep left her body and now she was alert. After composing herself, she replied, "Okay, that won't be a problem. Where are you now? I'll start right away."

"Actually you don't have to come anywhere. I will be coming to your house. In fact, I have almost reached your block," Holley answered curtly. She didn't dare waste any more time. The longer she took, the greater the risk would be for something unexpected to happen.

Soon Holley arrived at Leila's narrow apartment. Leila poured a glass of water for her, and then stood by her side stiffly. She didn't look straight into Holley's eyes, and instead she busied herself staring at the floor.

This was the first time that someone ever came to her little apartment. She rented this house in spite of it being poky and dark. In truth, this was all she could afford. However, Holley's presence here made her embarrassed. She always carried a pretense of beauty and arrogance. But today, the most disgraceful part of her life was unravelled in front of Holley.

The walls were dirty and ugly. On closer inspection, one could notice cracks. The tiny living room was crowded with many ragged furniture, but none of them were intact. Even the sofa that Holley was sitting on was broken, with the filler exposed. Everything in this room depicted Leila's vulnerability.

But Holley was in no mood to notice how Leila lived. As soon as she was seated, she went on and told Leila, "I want you to recuse someone as soon as possible."

Holley's words sent Leila utterly at a loss. With a startled look, she asked, "To rescue whom? What's going on?"


it is time for you to give Melissa to me. I am in a hurry," she spat out angrily.

"No problem. There isn't any problem, of course. To tell you the truth, originally we were planning to charge some interest. However, you are such a gorgeous lady. I have decided to take nothing but our principal three million dollars," the director smiled flirtatiously.

Looking around, Leila realized how alone she was. After all, in this strange place, she was powerless. If the man intended to do anything to her, nobody would save her.

Leila forced a smile on her face and pretended to be fearless. "Then where is she?" she asked, a bit impatiently.

"Well, we'll release her undoubtedly. But before that, we need to finish some procedures. I will assure you that you can see her tomorrow morning. At the moment, you can't meet her. Anyway, you look extremely tired. May I have the honor of booking a hotel for you?"

Leila restrained her anger and decided to ignore his offensive manners. She wanted to take Melissa home as soon as possible. But since they wouldn't release Melissa until tomorrow morning, she had no choice but to wait. Despite her frustration, she didn't dare to offend them now.

"Thank you for your kindness, sir. But I have already booked a hotel before I came here. I don't think I will be needing your help," she said feigning a smile.

A look of regret passed his eyes after her rejection. At the same time, he detected the anger she was repressing. Not wanting to make any trouble, he let her go.

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