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   Chapter 1527 Cooperation

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Hungry and thirsty, Melissa wearily laid on the floor. Her lips were dry, and she was desperate for water.

All of a sudden, the door flung open after it was kicked violently from the outside.

Melissa struggled to get up and looked at the visitor in great terror. She curled herself up in the corner, trembling like a homeless dog.

The man walked towards her and violently tore the tape from her lips, making her lips bleed.

"Let me out! Please, let me out!" Melissa started screaming hysterically as soon as she could speak. She had already gone crazy.

However, the man who worked for the usury company felt no remorse. He had seen so many people like that before. His expression remained cold as marble. He found Melissa's noise extremely annoying.

"Shut up!" the man shouted. Melissa felt her eardrum almost get perforated with his loud voice.

His power intimidated Melissa. Like a deflated balloon, she collapsed at a corner silently and looked at the man with pleading eyes.

"Ms. Shen, save your energy and stop making those useless efforts. Debts should be paid. Until you have paid off your debts, you'll have to stay here. But I'm warning you, if you can't give us back that three million dollars within two days, we'll cut your limbs and throw you into the sea. You'll be nice food for the sharks!"

A cold grin crossed the man's face, making him even more dreadful. Melissa got goose bumps, feeling the creepiness in his demonic aura.

However, his words scared her more. She trembled with fear and her heart raced. His words continued to ring in her ears, terrifying her even more.

"No!" Melissa shook her head desperately as she tried to retreat from this man. However, she couldn't go any further because she was already cornered. She fe

ike it was tearing her apart.

Charles' solemn face and that of the fierce usury guy appeared alternately in her mind, and finally they overlapped.

At that moment, Melissa decided not to call Charles. If her life was really in danger, she would choose to call him. She was his mother, and she was sure that he wouldn't bear to see her die. Charles was her ace in the hole, so she wouldn't use him unless the situation called for her final card. After all, cutting off her money wasn't something she desired.

But now, she got another problem. If she wouldn't call Charles, who else could she turn to? Should she wait another two days?

Pulling out a strand of hair falling on her face, she kept thinking for a solution. She bit her dry lips, now bleeding. But she couldn't find any. Finally, she fell asleep in hunger and coldness.

Deep in the night, no stars were in sight. Only the full moon hung on the clear black sky. The air was thick and humid.

During that time, Holley was elated at the smooth progress of her plan. But to ensure the best results, she would need Leila's cooperation. Holley thought, 'Leila, I have created a good start for you. Don't fail me!'

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