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   Chapter 1526 A Dark Room

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Seeing the documents, Melissa didn't think too much of it at first. After she got the money, her mind had already wondered to the gambling table. She was so impatient that she didn't read through all the terms and conditions on the documents. She signed the documents and wanted to leave with the money immediately.

Victoria and her friend saw that Melissa didn't even take a moment to read the conditions carefully. They were surprised by how easy it was for them to trap Melissa. After all, they didn't even explain the conditions of the documents verbally. 'Thanks to her stupidity, it's much easier to trap her than we thought. She even signed the documents carelessly,' Victoria thought as she sneered in her mind.

She and her friend looked at each other. They didn't say anything but they knew that they were congratulating one another.

Melissa didn't notice anything, as she was only focused on the gambling table. Once she signed the documents and received the money, all she wanted to do was continue betting. She quickly said to Victoria as she didn't want to waste another second, "I'm going now. See you later."

Victoria smiled in a strange way, almost like she was laughing at Melissa. Then she said, "Oh, yes. Go ahead and good luck." However, Melissa didn't notice her smile whatsoever. She ran over to the gambling table as fast as she possibly could.

Heading to the gambling table eagerly, Melissa pushed through the crowd. Finally, she managed to reach the table. Once she touched it, she felt like her bright life and luxurious future had suddenly returned.

Staring at the dealer's hands when he handed out the cards, Melissa felt her heartbeat race faster. A moment later, she felt as though her heartbeats were extremely strong. In fact, she even felt like she had the heart of a child. All she felt was eagerness for money on the table.

Melissa pushed her chips to the middle of table one by one. Soon thereafter, she got lost in the happiness of gambling again, unable to notice her surroundings.

Melissa didn't even feel the time passing by. She didn't even know what the time was. Therefore, she just continued betting without knowing how many times she had bet. After a while of betting, she suddenly found that all her chips were gone.

Melissa's eyes went wide open. She was surprised to find that she'd lost them all. After all, she had chips worth three million dollars. 'How was it possible?' She suddenly felt as though she was crazy. She was so surprised and shocked, that

orrow money and fall into debt. Victoria led her to this trap. 'I was completely blind to think that she was my friend! I can't believe I trusted her lies!' she thought.

Melissa felt regretful. The only emotions left in her mind were anxiety, horror and hate.

However, she realized that what she needed to do was get out of that place.

She started to speak, trying to convince and persuade the men. "I'm..." Nevertheless, just as she opened her mouth, she was rudely interrupted by the men once more.

They didn't want to hear any excuses from her, so they tied up her hands and covered her mouth with tape. Then, they pushed Melissa towards the front gate.

After Melissa's mouth was covered with tape, all she could do was make a couple of sounds. Her eyes went wide open. Fear was the only thing that remained in her eyes.

In a dark room

Melissa was brought into a car by the men. After driving for a while, they dropped her off and locked her up in a small dark room.

It was so dark that Melissa couldn't even see her own hands or hear anything else but her own breath. She even felt as though she couldn't feel time passing by.

After half an hour in the dark and isolated room, Melissa felt like she was driven crazy. She used her feet to tap on the ground, just to hear some type of sound.

As time went by silently in the dark room, Melissa felt desperate. She felt like she wasn't doing anything but waiting for her final judgment, which could possibly sentence her to death. Anxiety and fear nearly destroyed her.

In the dark, her stomach started to growl. At that moment, Melissa realized that she hadn't eaten anything in almost twenty hours.

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