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   Chapter 1525 Borrowing Money

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Melissa couldn't help but cheer out loud. Putting her fingers beside her mouth, she tried to hide her satisfaction, but everyone still saw how widely she was beaming.

Winning the first round brought Melissa a lot of confidence. She was convinced that she got all her lucky stars in place.

Without any hesitation, Melissa added a lot of chips in the next stake, and then the next stake. At last, she added so many that she had to pull them with both her hands to the middle of the table.

At that time, Melissa was just like any other gamblers at the casino, unwary of anything in her surroundings. She was lost in her own crazy dream, imagining a luxurious life afterwards. She didn't realize how fast time flew, since she was too busy placing her bets.

When she finally caught sense of what she was doing, it was too late. She already lost a fortune. Thinking back on the past few hours, she felt stunned and got weak at the knees. It took a few seconds for her to calm down and face the cruel reality.

She now lost all her money before she had enough fun of it. Melissa felt so uncomfortable. The eager to keep on betting stroke her from time to time. She couldn't help throwing glances at the gambling table when she walked away.

She was unable to think rationally. The mess in her head made her suffer, not only from the eagerness to gamble but also from the lack of money.

Trying her best to calm herself down, Melissa turned to leave the bathroom when a well-dressed woman appeared in front of her. She looked rich and elegant, clearly from a rich family.

Melissa planned to ignore her, but as if she was doing it on purpose, the woman didn't move to let her pass. Confused, Melissa looked up at the woman.

With a modest smile, the woman asked, "Are you okay? Do you feel uncomfortable?"

The woman's question stunned Melissa. Melissa never expected that a complete stranger would even bother about her emotional state.

She quickly looked around the bathroom, making sure that the woman was indeed talking to her. She couldn't help looking at the woman suspiciously because of the strange act she just showed her.

Melissa knew that she must have looked terrible at that time. She was not in a good mood because she lost all her money, but she still wanted to gamble. She was restless, gambling all night. She did

t excited. Her eyes lit up, hearing Victoria's statement. She looked at her like she was a goldmine.

So Melissa asked her eagerly, "How? How do I solve this problem?"

"I was once in the same situation in the past," Victoria Li replied in a bitter tone.

"At that time, I was just like you. All I wanted was to have some fun gambling, but my money went down the drain quickly. I felt so frustrated. But luckily, one of my friends owned a financial company. So after I told him about my situation, he lent me a great deal of money. Until then, I didn't know that he was in the lending industry."

Melissa's eyes went wide open. 'Lending me money?' she thought. 'Isn't that usury?'

Victoria Li saw the confusion in Melissa's eyes, so she explained to her calmly, "If you have similar needs, I can introduce you to my friend. If you can pay the money back in a short period of time, there will be very minimal interest."

Hearing that, Melissa hesitated. 'If it only involves a little interest, then that doesn't look like usury. I just need some money for one day. I think it won't be a problem. Besides, I can pay them back as soon as I win enough money.'

With that thought, Melissa made up her mind. She decided to borrow some money. 'If I am lucky, I can win the money back in two or three bets, ' she thought to herself confidently.

Victoria Li called her so-called "friend" and asked him to come. Soon, Melissa was asked to sign a few documents to confirm their arrangement. Melissa was now three million dollars richer, thanks to this man.

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