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   Chapter 1523 Holley's Panic

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In the office

Holley was on her computer busy working when a piece of popup news suddenly appeared from the corner of the screen. Out of curiosity, she clicked on it. The news was about a murder that happened inside a jail cell. The victim's name was Lancy and this immediately caught her attention.

This had nothing to do with her and she didn't even know who the victim, Lancy, was. However, Holley remembered reading something about this same woman Lancy threatening to jump off the roof of a building and she was forcing Sheryl to jump off too. So Holley couldn't help but be concerned when she read the news that Lancy was murdered in prison.

Who on earth killed Lancy?

Why was she forcing Sheryl to jump off a building with her?

Holley knew that Sheryl couldn't have possibly been involved in Lancy's murder. She knew Sheryl. Sheryl was smart and cunning like a fox. She wouldn't have been stupid enough to murder Lancy. In her eyes, Sheryl was cautious so she'd never do something like this.

Someone else came to her mind—someone Holley suspected to be the murderer.

There were only two people in the world that Holley hated the most. Sheryl only ranked second because the first place belonged to Rachel.

'But isn't Rachel out of the country?' Holley remembered that day when Rachel lost everything and left the country in despair. 'Has Rachel come back? Where'd she get the nerve to come back?'

Holley started pacing back and forth in her office. Panic was written all over her face.

She worried that Rachel's comeback was for revenge. She regretted not giving Rachel the last blow, to put her to death back then because now Rachel had the opportunity to get back on her.

However, Holley was surprised to find that Rachel's first target was Sheryl, instead of her.

Holley started to think about Lancy again. She thought about how she was killed and all of the details—she knew who the murderer was. No one could execute a murder like this but Bernard. She knew Bernard very well—he was a professional assassin who was a friend of Rachel's.

Holley's concern grew.

She had to do something soon because Rachel returning meant she was in danger. If she didn't do anything to prepare, she would just be digging a

e clenched his teeth and let Holley be.

When they were showering together, everything turned erotic fast. Holley finally surrendered to Black and she was pleasantly satisfied.

Making love was supposed to be enjoyed by both man and woman while it was Black who had been more eager, and it ended with both of them satisfied.

When they finished making love, Black carried Holley back to bed. He wrapped his arms around her and caressed her.

Holley felt cozy and was starting to relax. She secretly glanced at Black and could tell how contented he was. Then she put on a gloomy face and purposely sighed.

"Sweetie, what's wrong? Weren't you satisfied?" Black smirked. He didn't take Holley seriously at first.

"You're so annoying! I'm just concerned about something…" Holley pulled a face and pushed Black off. Then she started, "Why does trouble have to keep following me? I used to work for Rachel before. She bullied me and humiliated me. I put up with that until Rachel ran into some trouble. That was when I took her place and I met you. I thought I wouldn't have to deal with her again. I have been already so happy but…"

Holley deliberately paused in silence. Black grew sympathetic for Holley so he asked, "But what? Tell me, sweetie."

"But Rachel's come back. I'm afraid she's come back for her position and she'll kick me out of the company. She's so wicked and evil. I don't think she'll hold back on me. I'm so scared, Black," she said, burying herself in Black's arms.

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