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   Chapter 1522 The Wrong Man

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Nick shook his head and said, "The man who attacked me wasn't the man I was looking for, Cassie. I don't know where it went wrong but I think I was going after the wrong guy."

"What? That doesn't make any sense. If he was the wrong guy, why did he attack you? Did he say anything?" Cassie asked, also confused.

"That's the weird part. I think he was the man I ran into before. I chased after him and he ran. He stopped and turned around. Then I realized that I must have mistaken him for someone else. I stopped and I was about to explain but then he took his knife and stabbed me. Then he ran away," Nick narrated.

"Yeah, that's weird. If it had nothing to do with him, he could've asked you instead of running away," Cassie inferred.

Nick nodded, "Yeah, he ran so fast when I was chasing after him. I think he's here as a cover for the man I'm really after. That's the only way this makes sense."

"Did you see his face?" Cassie asked.

"Yeah, I did. Very clearly, " Nick replied.

"We have CCTV here so the cameras must have caught him. The police can identify him from there," Cassie suggested.

"Yeah, maybe. I should have caught him, Cassie. I hate myself for not being able to. He was just in the doctor's room with this woman, but I chased after the wrong guy. It was ridiculous, Cassie. How could I make such a stupid mistake? Now they're getting away because of me. I'll never have the chance to see him again." Nick punched his bed, frustrated. After a few moments, his eyes lit up and he gripped Cassie's hand tightly. "Did you see a man wearing a mask and a pair of black sunglasses? With a woman?"

"A man wearing a mask and black sunglasses?" Cassie murmured, searching her mind.

"The woman was suffering from palpitation. She was too weak to walk by herself so they couldn't run or anything. They must have left the hospital pretending to be just ordinary patients. The man was probably being very sweet to the woman. They probably look like husband and wife," Nick explained.

"Oh, I saw them!" Cassie shouted. The couple she saw suddenly came into her mind. She remembered admiring them because the man was being so sweet to the

and depend on just anyone. He'd lost both his mother and father when he was still young and he'd been living alone since then. He'd gotten used to relying on no one else but himself.

Things changed when he met Sheryl and Isla. They cared about him and respected him, even Cassie could feel it so she loved and respected them in return. They were more like a family now.

"Nick, you need to rest for the next few days and clear your mind. The more rest you get, the better you'll feel. Cassie, please keep an eye on him for me. If he doesn't listen to me, call me and I'll teach him a lesson!" Sheryl said playfully.

Nick just looked at her, smiling back.

Men knew when to stop an argument with a woman, especially when there were two of them.

"The man was wearing a mask and black sunglasses, right? So you didn't see his face clearly?" Sheryl asked.

"That's true. I didn't," Nick said, feeling guilty.

"He was with a woman, right? Did you see her face?" Sheryl asked again.

"Nope. She was hiding in his arms the entire time. Now that I think about it, she was purposely hiding her face from me," Nick replied, rubbing his head. It seemed as if Nick really couldn't do anything to help.

"That's okay. I'll take you to meet the officer in charge of Lancy's case once you're discharged. Maybe, you can help them track him down," Sheryl said a moment later.

Nick nodded at her. It might be all he could do for her now.

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