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   Chapter 1521 Nick Got Injured

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Updated: 2019-09-11 00:34

Cassie started to worry about Nick. She wanted to follow the direction that Nick had been heading for, but she was also worried that Nick would come back soon. So she decided to wait for him where he'd left her.

"Officers, Nick headed there to chase the culprit. Could you look for him in that direction? He asked me to wait here," Cassie said to the police.

The police nodded and ran to the direction that Cassie pointed to.

As time passed, Cassie got more and more anxious as she waited, unable to do anything.

She prayed to God to bless Nick. If someone must bear misfortune, let it be her instead o

p. She put a pillar under his back, and replied, "This is the hospital. You were injured."

"Hospital?" Nick repeated in disbelief. He looked around and asked again, "Why am I in hospital?"

"You were attacked by the culprit, remember? He escaped. When the police found you, you were lying in a pool of your own blood..." Cassie said. It pained her just to even retell the story.

Nick tried to recall the scene and all the memories suddenly came back to him. It got him so riled up that he punched his bed.

Cassie was shocked. She asked, concerned, "Nick, what's wrong? Does anything feel painful? Tell me!"

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