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   Chapter 1520 Did Something Happen

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Nick couldn't get his mind off what the man had just said. Suddenly, something occurred to him and the word "palpitation" jumped to mind.

Which department did people go to if they had a palpitation?

Nick didn't have an answer to that question. He looked around, trying to find a nurse so he could ask but then he heard a familiar sound behind him.

"Nick, what are you doing here?"

Nick became excited when he heard the voice. It was Cassie. He turned around immediately. Cassie worked here so she must know the answer.

"Cassie!" Nick ran to Cassie, immediately grabbed her hands and asked her anxiously, "Which department should I go to if I had a palpitation, Cassie?"

Cassie was confused at Nick's question. She stood still for a while, not knowing what was happening.

But Nick was so anxious to know so when Cassie didn't respond, he pressed her, "Tell me, Cassie. Where do I go?"

"Palpitation is a heart disease so you should go to the Cardiovascular Department," Cassie answered.

"Cardiovascular?" Nick repeated. "Thank you so much, Cassie."

Nick turned around, ready to leave. But then he realized that he didn't know which floor that was so he asked Cassie again, "Which floor is the Cardiovascular Department on?"

"Fifth," answered Cassie. Cassie grabbed Nick's arm just as he was heading to the elevator. "Wait, Nick. I'll go with you."

Cassie assumed that it was Nick who was sick so she thought it would be better if she accompanied him since she worked here and she was worried about him.

But Nick just shook his head and rejected Cassie immediately. "I appreciate it, Cassie. But you can't go with me."

"I know the hospital. Let me go with you. I'm worried about you," Cassie insisted.

Nick looked at Cassie. He didn't want to put Cassie at risk. After all, right now he was looking for a man who might be a murderer. He didn't want Cassie to be in danger and he had no control over what the murderer might do.

Nick hesitated, wondering how he could explain the situation to Cassie without making her worry. Before he could come up with a proper explanation, Cassie was already leading him to the elevator. "Just let me go with you

Uh-huh, I won't do it again."

"You'd better keep your word." The man helped the woman straighten her collar before he pulled her into his arms.

Cassie wasn't paying attention to the couple. But the man was treating the woman so sweetly that it caught Cassie's attention. Cassie couldn't help but stare at them.

The man looked a little serious and he had a big nose.

The woman was beautiful. Her face was pale but she had a smooth skin. She looked elegant. Based on how she dressed, it was safe to assume that she came from a decent family.

They walked very close to one another. The man even let the woman rest on his shoulder and he put his arm around her waist like she was the most important thing in the world.

Cassie envied them.

Cassie wished Nick could treat her this way. For a while, she had forgotten how worried she was until she saw a few police officers coming from the end of the hallway.

One of them asked Cassie, "Are you Cassie?"

Cassie couldn't help but feel nervous being questioned by the police. She wondered whether she had done something wrong. So she lowered her voice and answered, "Yes, I am."

"Where is Mr. Ge? He called the police but he wouldn't answer our call. We already talked to the hospital and we know you're with him. Do you know where he is?" the police asked.

Cassie suddenly realized how long Nick had been gone and he still hadn't returned.

'Did something happen?' Cassie was worried.

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