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   Chapter 1519 Nick Tried To Help

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Nick repented not having checked his phone before leaving the house. If his phone had not run out of battery, he could have recorded all that was going on as evidence.

He was vexed but didn't give in. "Whether you've broken the law is none of my business. We'll find out when the cops are here. Please be patient."

"Okay, a clean hand wants no washing. Let's wait and see," Bernard replied with absolutely no sign of panic in his voice which took Nick by surprise.

Bernard just stood there holding Rachel in his arms. With every passing moment, the excruciating pain was taking a toll on her body slowly leading her to lose her consciousness. It was just for the warmth of Bernard's chest that gave her the strength to hold on, and she somehow managed to catch up with her breath.

As time ticked away, Nick became more and more anxious. He didn't know how long he would keep them there. If Bernard found out that Nick didn't call the police, he would definitely walk away, and Nick would not even have any excuse to stop him then.

About waiting for about five minutes, Bernard started to grow impatient. He turned towards Nick and asked, "When will the police get here? Can you tell me?"

Nick glanced at Bernard. He was rather amazed by Bernard's nonchalant attitude. He might be a little annoyed, but there was no trace of the guilt of having committed a crime.

Bernard's attitude made Nick suspect that he might get them wrong. He might have mistaken every bush and tree for an enemy due to his concerned towards Sheryl. He broke out in a cold sweat on that idea.

"My wife is suffering a palpitation. Look, I can't waste any more time here. I need to take her to the doctor right away. If something bad happens to her due to your interruption, I can't tell what I'll do to you," Bernard said in a way that made Nick's heart to quiver.

Even before he finished his words, Rachel started panting for breath in his arms and her face turned as pale as a white sheet, which made Nick shudder with terror.

Perceiving Rachel's deteriorating health condition, Nick feared that she was going to be out of breath very soon. He was at a loss of what to do.

"Relax, honey! Hold on! I'll take you to the doctor now!" Bernard said hurriedly. Bernard lifted Rachel's head and patted on her cheeks. After that, he moved Nick away from the way without any hesitation and headed towards the medical room, without giving Nick even a glance back.

While on the other hand, N

l holding Cassie's phone in his hand. Meanwhile, Cassie happened to catch a glance of him passing by the door. She came out of the ward immediately but only found that he was too far to reach.

Cassie got worried to find Nick in such a desperate temperament. She turned around and excused herself from her patient before running after him.

Nick called the police while he ran through the corridor searching for Bernard and Rachel.

He looked for them from one end of the corridor to the other, but they were long gone.

He then stopped and wrecked his brain to find a way.

As he recalled that the woman was struggling to breathe when he saw her for the last time. Hence, he speculated that the man would not take the risk to take her away without seeing the doctor. They must be somewhere at the hospital.

Nick ran his eyes down one door after another. They were so many rooms across the corridor. It felt as if he was in the middle of a maze. He could not look into each and every room. In case that he disturbed the doctors' work inside, they might call the security to kick him out of the hospital itself. Or he might even end up causing some unforgivable consequence.

He wished that he had asked what wrong the woman was in the first place. Then he could get a lead to find them now. He blamed himself for not considering these factors.

But the next moment, a word crossed his mind.

'Palpitation. Yes!'

He remembered that the man mentioned the word before they left.

Nick punched the wall beside him excitedly and looked around to find a nurse or a doctor who could help him find the way to the department of heart disease.

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