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   Chapter 1518 Encountering Bernard

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Nick burst into a smile. As he gazed at Cassie's receding figure, love and warmth filled his heart.

Once Cassie was out of his view, he turned around to the direction of the gate, ready to leave the hospital. However, a familiar figure stopped him in his tracks.

Not far away from him, a tall man was holding a woman, passing by him. The man wore giant sunglasses, but Nick could still decipher his serious expression. There was something cold and intimidating about the man. The woman, however, was entirely unrecognizable. Her face was covered up by a big mask, and her long dress wrapped most of her skin. In spite of this concealment, there was something about her that made Nick feel he knew her. He couldn't quite put his finger on it.

He felt compelled to step forward to follow them. In his mind, he thought that was the only way to figure out whether they were his acquaintances.

In truth, it was quite normal for him to come across an acquaintance while he was at the hospital. This was considered one of the best in the city hence many people preferred to come here for treatment. But he couldn't shrug it off this time.

There was something suspicious about them which awakened his curiosity. 'Why would anyone disguise themselves while at a hospital? Something is off about them, ' he thought, deep in contemplation.

Nick followed them to the corner of the corridor. Suddenly the woman bent down as if she was experiencing an excruciating pain. With both her hands, she pressed her belly to numb the pain.

Seeing this, the man with sunglasses became anxious. He squatted down to check on her and hugged her as if to comfort her.

Nick couldn't hear what they were talking about, so he went a little bit closer until their words were clear.

"From the very beginning, I advised you to visit a doctor. You refused my request and decided to tolerate the pain at home. This is getting more and more serious. You have no idea how worried I am about you," the man said with deep concern oozing in his voice.

The women didn't reply, possibly due to the pain.

The man continued, "Let me carry you. How can you manage to get there in this condition?"

The woman shook her head vehemently and refused, "No, I can manage it. I just need to walk slowly."

"You are too weak. You also know that mood swing will take a toll on your health. I have told you that I can solve the problem of Lancy yet yo

ch a great chance to catch the real culprit. From the earlier conversation, Nick had ascertained the man was related to the murder.

He wouldn't let them leave before he figured everything out.

"Don't move! I have already called the police!" Nick shouted at them, trying to regain his composure.

As a matter of fact, he didn't call the police since his phone was powered off. He was in a situation where he couldn't contact anyone.

There were a lot of people coming and leaving the hospital, but they merely threw a surprised glance before they continued to go about with their business. None of them would stop to help him.

Mentally, Nick tried to determine the odds of catching up with them. 'Even if the man decides to escape, I will be able to catch up with them because the sick woman seems so fragile for a flight. There is no way they can escape, ' he thought with determination.

"Who are you?" Bernard spat out with a sneer. He could feel how intimidated Nick was from his trembling limbs and quaking voice. The calm exterior was only a farce, and Bernard was smart enough to know that.

"It's none of your business. I give you two choices now: go to the police station and turn yourselves in, or wait for the police to arrest you. The outcomes will be the same, of course," Nick said feigning power.

"Nonsense!" Bernard retorted back. "What crime have I committed? Do you have any evidence?"

His question stunned Nick. 'Right, I don't have any evidence of his crime. I overheard their conversation, but I have nothing to prove my speculation is right, ' Nick thought with resignation.

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