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   Chapter 1517 Apology

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Jordan was shameless. After he had kissed Cassie without her consent, he still had the guts to show his face to her.

"Cassie, I'm here to apologize for what happened that day. I was impulsive and I didn't know what I was thinking. I'm really sorry for what I did that day. Would you please forgive me?"

"Stop it. I don't want to hear your nonsense and I don't want to see you again. Just go away," Cassie spat.

Jordan blocked Cassie. He grabbed her arm and looked her in the eye. "Cassie, I've been thinking a lot these past few days. I love you. Cassie, I love you. I'll never hurt you and you'll be the happiest woman in the world. We'll have a huge family and we'll be happy. Will you give me a chance?"

"Give you a chance?" Cassie repeated. Then she chuckled and sneered, "Why should I trust you?"

"You have my word. You can even have my salary every month. You can spend it however you want. That's okay with me. If you marry me, you'll be the head of the family and you can do whatever you want," Jordan said, trying to convince Cassie.

"Marry you?" Cassie smiled coldly. "Marry you? Why on earth would I marry you? I don't hate myself that much. I'd be miserable every minute I spend with you."

Cassie didn't hold back. This was the last thing that Jordan expected from Cassie. This wasn't the Cassie that he knew. She was never close to him so she was always polite and never said much around him.

Cassie had changed.

Jordan looked at Cassie in disbelief. He shook his head. No, Cassie hadn't changed. She was still the woman that he loved. It was all because of Nick. It had to be him. It must be Nick who had changed Cassie consequently driving a wedge between her and him. Cassie didn't mean any of that.

Cassie was a bit freaked out because Jordan was acting crazy. He was shaking his head, then nodding and then shaking his head again. He seemed to be losing his mind. Cassi

ing painted.

A few moments later, Cassie recalled that she was at the hospital. She had missed some work because of some personal affairs she had to attend to. If she didn't get to work, her supervisor might get mad at her.

So Cassie pushed Nick away and explained shyly, "Nick, I need to go back to work. You better get going."

"A few more seconds," Nick said, feeling upset that Cassie was already asking him to leave.

"I really need to go, Nick. Or I'll get in trouble. My supervisor must be looking for me right now," Cassie said.

Nick had to leave. He looked at her lovingly making it more difficult for Cassie to leave. She felt like melting.

She had never seen this side of Nick before. He was so gentle and sweet. Even back when they were still dating, Nick never treated Cassie this way.

'So, does Nick love me again?' Cassie wondered.

Cassie was moved. She felt like the happiest woman in this world.

She looked at Nick shyly. "I really need to get back to work. See you later."

Nick stared at Cassie lovingly and then he leaned in and kissed her on the lips.

"See you." Nick smiled at Cassie. "Come to my apartment when you get off work tonight."

"Uh-huh." Cassie nodded, her face blushing. She turned around and left quickly.

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