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   Chapter 1515 Lancy Gets Killed

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Suffering from so much pain, Lancy was panicking and wanted to cry out for help. But what she could only do at the moment was watch the man unlock the iron gate and enter.

As the man got closer to her, she sensed the change in the atmosphere. Chilled to the bones, she could smell death.

Realization hit her—she would die soon! She would be lucky to live for an hour more. At most, she only had minutes to go.

"So, are you here to kill me?" Lancy blurted out. Despite the trembling and the pain she felt in her body, she exuded composure. And, as seconds passed by, her body and her will united as one. Thus, what she felt slowly disappeared and was replaced by acceptance of the fate awaiting her.

Dressed in black and the face covered in mask, the man stayed silent and stared at her indifferently. In his opinion, the woman in front of him was already a dead person.

Suddenly, Lancy burst into laughter. Mocking the man before her, she said, "Do you really think you can get away with murder? You are so stupid! Nobody gets away!"

Shocked from hearing her words, the man suddenly felt confused. Lancy saw hesitation fleetingly cross his face. But in the end, she failed. The man quickly ignored what she said and concentrated on her. He was looking for that perfect timing.

Not really expecting any answer, Lancy just continued to talk. "In fact, I already knew that I would end up like this. But I don't have any regrets. I know karma. And, I know I did something bad, so I am prepared to take responsibility for my actions."

Finishing her words, she raised her eyes and stared into the man's eyes. "But," she continued, "now that I am about to die, there's no need for you to be so cautious. Why don't you take off your mask and let me know who you are? I'll die in your hands anyway."

"What's the point of knowing who I am? As you said, you are going to die anyway," he responded in a deep, low voice. Finally, the man was willing to talk.

"Ha, indeed, you are right! What's the point of knowing who you are? I am dead anyway! That's no point. That's no point, indeed! That's no…" Lancy repeated with a sad smile.

Tears started to well up in her eyes. After several moments, she forced herself to calm her emotions and spoke. "I am ready. Do it now! Kill me!"

"I guarantee you this will be very quick. You will feel no pain." The man's eyes were flickering with joy. He was just thinking that it would be better off if Lancy cooperated. And, he was gratified for his patience. Not long, Lancy completely surrendered in her own volition. This was the perfect timing he was

e to their negligence. From the moment he walked out of the office, all he could think about was how to solve their problem. Yet all they could think was keeping their jobs. How foolish and insensitive!

In his rage, Vincent shoved the guy. Then, he shouted, "Get the fuck off! You want to hear the good news? There's no good news! There is only bad news! How could you be so stupid and selfish to only care about the job? This is our thing. Our mistake! Have a moment of self-reflection. The director gave us one month to solve the case; or else, I will lose my position as a captain. And, I don't think your career is stable either."

"Oh, no! How could we find the murderer? We don't even have any clue!" The other subordinates started to complain in sorrow. None of them expected anything like this to happen to them.

"Why does the director pay so much attention to this case this time? Before, when prisoners died, no one cared. Even the superior turned a blind eye and let it go..." another subordinate questioned.

Failing to conceal his anger any longer, Vincent gave the questioning subordinate a hard kick. And, he shouted, "You pig head! This one is different!"

"Is she a very important figure?" that subordinate asked, admitting his stupidity.

"Certainly not! But allegedly, she is relevant to the CEO of Shining Company, Charles. This prisoner once attempted to kill Charles' wife, but failed. When she confessed to her crime, she implicated someone else. Shortly after, I was ordered to dig into the case. However, before I could get anything about the man behind her, she was killed. Can you guess who the murderer is? Who has the nerves to break into the jail. Now, tell me, does this case look like a simple one?"

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