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   Chapter 1513 I'm Your Bodyguard

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"It's no use crying over spilled milk, but we can't trust Lancy. I guess the police are expecting Lancy to give a full confession, so they can trace her back to me, but they won't be able to find me that easily. The only thing we're dealing with now is that Sheryl knows we exist, so she must be already keeping an eye," Bernard added.

Rachel nodded, her eyes sharp as knives. "I think the most urgent thing to do now is get rid of Lancy so that we don't have to worry about anything anymore," she said.

"Of course. She knows too much about us. As long as she's alive, we'll never be able to sleep well. She could tell on us any time." Bernard agreed.

"In that case, you have to act tonight. You have to go to the police station tonight. I don't think you'll find it difficult to get rid of someone in the police station, right?" Rachel asked.

"Yes, I can handle it. I'll do it tonight. Don't worry," Bernard answered curtly.

At Dream Garden

As soon as Sheryl returned home from work, she received a call from Isla.

"Sher, I heard that you still went to work today? But you fainted yesterday! Why don't you rest for a few days? You need to rest. You're too weak to work!" Isla said as soon as Sheryl answered the call.

Feeling a little tired, Sheryl rubbed her forehead. She tried to waive her off. "I'm fine. I've already recovered from having a good night's sleep last night."

"Don't push yourself too much. You're a mother already with two kids. You aren't as strong as you were before. Take care of yourself. Even though they've already caught Lancy, the police still don't know who she's working for. You have to still be careful especially when you go out. Remember to always have bodyguards with you," Isla advised, sounding concerned.

Sheryl felt both moved and amused. She thought Isla was overreacting.

Since the police already had Lancy, whoever she was working for

hower he'd just had. He looked charming as ever.

Sheryl felt even hotter now. She pushed back the blanket and complained to Charles, "It's too hot. I can't fall asleep."

"Should I turn on the air conditioner?" Charles offered.

Sheryl didn't like using air conditioner because it made her skin dry.

But since Sheryl was complaining that it was hot, Charles figured it would be okay to turn on the air conditioner that night.

"No. I can't sleep because so many things are running through my mind," Sheryl sighed. She decided to tell him about it. "Charles, I have this gut feeling that something big is going to happen tonight, and that's why I can't keep still."

Charles reached out to caress Sheryl's face and smiled, "I'm here with you. I promise nothing will happen. Don't worry about it. I'm your bodyguard."

Sheryl was amused; she couldn't help but smile, "Well, thank you, Mr. Lu. I'm looking forward to working with you. I guess you'll have to sleep on the floor, because a master never shares her bed with a bodyguard."

Charles widened his eyes. "Mrs. Lu, ever so cruel to me! I only work as a bodyguard part time. My full time job is... to sleep with you," Charles leaned down to her and whispered.

Sheryl's cheeks started to feel hot.

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