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   Chapter 1512 Drawing A Portrait

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Standing behind Alfred was his colleague Newman. Even though they were in the same team, Alfred never liked him. Newman was lazy, which was noticeable to the team. He never offered to complete any of the tasks. However, when it came to claiming rewards, he would be the first one to rush forward and collect it.

Therefore, Alfred looked down on him and didn't like talking to him whatsoever.

Alfred turned a deaf ear to Newman's questions, and focused on completing his job instead. Although Newman could tell that Alfred was avoiding him, he wasn't annoyed by him. He came forward and said with a grin, "Alfred, I've been wondering why you don't have a girlfriend yet. It's very odd, especially because girls always prefer handsome young men like you. Or, do you perhaps like men instead of women? Those are the rumors that's been going around."

Newman was standing very close behind Alfred.

Noticing what Newman was trying to do, Alfred suddenly turned off his computer and stood up straight. He turned around and asked angrily, "Newman, what bullshit are you talking about?"

Alfred moved way too fast. So fast, in fact, that Newman got startled. 'Damn it! That was so close!' he thought fretfully.

He managed to peek at Alfred's computer, and noticed that he was drawing a portrait. However, before he could get close enough to take a better look at it, Alfred switched off his computer.

"I'm just telling the truth! We are in the same department, and I know you very well. I've never seen you on a date with a girl before, so it's obvious that you like men." Newman continued to joke with Alfred, even though he knew it might annoy him.

"I don't want to talk to you," Alfred snapped. He was irritated and ready to leave.

"Alfred, if you like women, I can introduce a few to you. Hey, don't walk away from me. I'm not finished yet..." Newman yelled at Alfred as he watched him walk away and leave.

Alfred was enraged, and didn't want to look back.

After Alfred left, a cunning sneer appeared on Newman's face. He looked around him to make sure that nobody was close by. Then he rushed over to Alfred's computer.

He turned it on, while still glancing around him cautiously.

However, the screen was locked. He pressed the "enter" button, but saw that it required a password.

"Damn it! You are way too careful, Alfred!" Newman muttered angrily. He was irritated with Alfred, and had planned to drive hi

uddenly, she heard a noise coming from a car outside of her villa. Her heart started racing. She then rushed towards the doorway, and saw Bernard getting out of the car.

"Bernard, how are you? What did he say?" The moment she saw him, Rachel had to ask. She seemed nervous.

Bernard didn't respond to Rachel at first. She noticed that his face was sullen. He walked inside of the villa and headed straight to the living room. He then poured himself a glass of water and drank it.

"Tell me what happened! Say something, please! Don't you see how nervous I am? He asked you to meet him, which means that he must have had something to tell you." Rachel was impatient, and pressed Bernard to fill her in on the details.

Bernard stared at Rachel and said, "Don't worry. You can rest assured that we haven't been exposed yet."

"So, what's going to happen now? The police didn't tell you anything useful? What about Lancy? Did she say anything to anyone in the police station?" Rachel bombarded Bernard with lots of questions.

"Lancy hasn't said anything to the police as of yet. All I know is that Sheryl and Charles paid her a visit yesterday. By the way, I think the police might be drawing my portrait as we speak. Lancy has seen me several times. Even though I wore a mask each time I met her, she could possibly have recognized me by my voice and body," he said.

"What? You mean that there's a chance that Lancy may betray us? She might tell on us?" Her eyes opened wide, her face filled with anger. "Had we known this earlier, we should have killed that bitch from the very start," she snapped viciously.

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