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   Chapter 1511 Looking For The Man

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Lancy thought about it for a while and said, "Ms. Xia, believe me. I wish I knew who he was. But I really don't know his name, nor where he lives. All I know is that he's young, about 180 centimeters tall, and quite skinny. He also sounds a little bit hoarse. Every time I met him, his face was covered, which is why I couldn't see his facial features. However, if I was able to see him again, I know I would definitely recognize him."

Hearing what Lancy said, Sheryl was disappointed. She surely knew how difficult it was to find a man with Lancy's vague description. It seemed impossible.

'Is there another way to find out who he is?'

Sheryl and Charles looked at each other doubtfully.

Sheryl knew that Lancy wouldn't dare to lie to her. Besides, it was Lancy who came to meet her as she was the one who needed Sheryl's help. If she really cared about Jarvis, she wouldn't dare to lie.

Who on earth was this man? Sheryl hesitated about what to do next. At first she thought it was Rachel who wanted to hurt her, but now she wasn't sure about it. Was this man Rachel's accomplice?

"Ms. Xia, I've told you everything I know. So, how about my reward? Can you do me a favor?" Lancy asked with expectations.

Sheryl didn't reply. When she was deep in thought, she didn't pay attention to what other people were saying around her.

Charles nudged her purposefully. He wanted to make her notice what Lancy was talking about.

"Please, help me..." Lancy started begging again.

Sheryl finally nodded and responded, "Okay, Lancy. I promise you that I won't give up to help save Jarvis."

"Thank you. Thank you so much..." Lancy cried. Tears ran down her face as she couldn't suppress her excitement.

She only had one wish, which was to cure Jarvis. As long as Jarvis could be cured, and live a safe and normal life, her mind would be at ease.

"See you later then," Sheryl said.

"Wait!" Lancy shouted. She seemed to have remembered something important. "Sheryl, there's no way that man is working alone. He must have an ally at all times. I heard him talking over the phone. He was talking to a woman

m. In fact, you're cooperating with us," Pearson agreed.

Although Charles had expected him to agree, he still pretended to be happy. He then replied, "Really? Thank you so much!"

"I told you, stop being so polite. Call me if you need any more favors from me at any time," Pearson laughed and said.


After hanging up the phone, Charles thought about their conversation for a while.

Before Pearson became the deputy director, Charles gave him money to help him pay for his wife's medical bills when she was seriously ill.

Although his wife didn't make it, he owed Charles a big favor. He promised Charles that whenever he needed something, he would agree and cooperate without any conditions.

That was why Pearson immediately agreed when Charles requested an expert from his team.

At the Police Station

During nap time in the afternoon, everybody left the office to rest. A young man in uniform was sitting in front of a computer, moving his mouse quickly with his right hand, while typing on the keyboard with his left hand.

He was focused and his eyes were fixed on the computer screen. He didn't even notice someone standing behind him.

"Alfred, you're still busy with work? It's nap time. Why don't you take a break to rest like everybody else?" a middle-aged man in uniform said as he walked over to him.

Alfred didn't need to turn his head as he already knew who it was.

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