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   Chapter 1507 Rachel's Annoyance

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'How is it that Charles has anticipated the impending debacle well in advance and taken necessary measures at the right time?'

Sheryl was bewildered as she learned how meticulously Charles managed everything. She racked her brain to find a solution but she ended up getting completely confused.

"Phoebe, how did you come to know about that?" Sheryl questioned, in a calm voice.

Phoebe let out an awkward smile and said, "It was just a coincidence. After the press conference was dismissed, I happened to overhear Mr. Lu talking to someone."

Sheryl remained silent for a while. "I see." Sheryl heaved a sigh, looked at Phoebe with a faint smile and added, "Thanks a lot for all you have done for us, Phoebe. You must be exhausted. I allow you to take off for the day. You can go home to get some rest."

"Really? Manager Xia. Thank you so much. I am so appreciative of you!" Phoebe could hardly conceal the excitement in her voice. She felt more than happy.

"Yes, you deserve it."

Hanging up the phone, Sheryl sank into contemplation.

She had never expected that Charles would do so much for her silently. The ongoing conflicts between them had actually shaken up Sheryl's faith in Charles. It made her to become speculative about Charles' dedication towards her. However, to her embarrassment, Charles had unwavering faith and loyalty towards her.

The more Sheryl thought about it, she felt ashamed of herself. She was extremely regretful at the same time.

As she thought of the days when she had deliberately been indifferent and cold towards Charles, she felt more and more remorseful.

Sheryl wanted to apologize to Charles immediately. She reached out for her phone and took out Charles' number in her contact list. But just before she could click the call button, she stopped. 'What will I say if Charles picks up the phone?' Suddenly, she felt that she didn't have the courage to even say sorry to him.

However, Sheryl was aware that she had been at fault this time.

It would be unfair if she didn't apologize to Charles.

Sheryl heaved a sigh, tried to gather up all her conflicting thoughts and decided to make the call.

In a suburban villa

A man dashed like an arrow into the hall.

However, his momentum slowed down and he halted in front of the door. He fixed his gaze at the petite and sultry lady sitting elegantly on a chair at the door, blocking the man's way out of the house.

Her slender fingers were delicately painted with nail polish. With the re

s and gently exhaled a breath.

Rachel felt Bernard's strong hormone and was aroused by his acts. Her body couldn't stop trembling with excitement.

Her body had gotten so used to Bernard's sexual provocation, that one touch from Bernard was enough to excite her desire.

Rachel was not a woman who held innocence and purity in the highest regard. Instead of containing her true feeling, she preferred to release it and enjoy. And she knew Bernard was very skillful in bed and never failed her. Every time they made love, Rachel never felt dissatisfied.

Rachel didn't pull back; she leaned her head forward and into Bernard's chest. With a charming smile, she said, "You tell me? Of course, I am thinking of your incredible body."

Her slim fingers started to run all over his body, softly and slowly, like a small snake.

Feeling an itch to his heart, Bernard lost his composure. He held Rachel's hips and kept her body attached to his. He whispered into her ears, "Well, you are so unstoppable. I will let you know how you will be punished for this!"

Rachel didn't say a word; she just started to moan with an imploring voice.

Sheryl had a very nice nap that afternoon. When she woke up, the two kids had come back from school.

Both the kids were pleasantly surprised to find their mother home.

As soon as Shirley spotted Sheryl, she rushed into her arms.

Clark didn't act that impulsively. He tried to stop Shirley and claimed, "Shirley, don't act like a small kid. We are growing up! So have some manners!"

Shirley made a face and replied, "That's just sour grapes. You just envy that I was one step ahead of you to get into Mom's chest!"

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