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   Chapter 1506 Grateful To Charles

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Lying on her back, Sheryl looked around, only to find that she was alone in their bedroom. She paused for a while, then gently propped herself up and rubbed her forehead. Looking up at the clock on the wall, she saw it was a little past two in the afternoon. She twisted her neck gently, feeling relieved.

Sheryl closed her eyes again to enjoy the rare tranquility alone, but heard a grunting from her stomach. It seemed that she'd better go and grab something to eat. Getting up from her bed, she wore her slippers and went to the bathroom to wash her face. Afterwards, she headed straight to the kitchen downstairs. However, enemies and lovers are destined to meet.

Melissa happened to stepped out of her room at the same time.

"I bet you've had a sound nap. Life's not fair, is it? You're living an easy and comfort life, but I have to suffer many mishaps on mine," Melissa commented in a satiric tone while looking at her newly painted fingernails.

On the other hand, Sheryl's stomach growled even louder, and she had no intention of talking with her mother-in-law. She ignored Melissa and continued her way down the staircase. Not giving up, Melissa hurried to catch up with Sheryl and grumbled, "If you plan to keep my son with you by pretending to be ill, then you're going to be left empty-handed. Look, he went back to work even when you were still lying in bed! Work is always his first priority!"

Melissa's words actually hit Sheryl. She felt a little down when she didn't wake up to see Charles just now, and her heart sank more when Melissa blurted out the truth.

But she had already decided that she would never show any sign of weakness in front Melissa, no matter how hurt she felt inside.

"Mom, thank you for your kind reminder. Honestly, I agree with you. Charles loves his work the best. Are you happy to hear me say it?" Sheryl retorted as she turned around and stared back at Melissa.

"What? Who told you that you can talk to me like that? I am your mother-in-law! Please watch your words!" Melissa shouted sternly at her, pissed off by her attitude.

Sheryl couldn't help but laugh at Melissa's reaction. One may steal a horse, while another may not look over the hedge. That was typical Melissa. She wondered whether Melissa had ever treated her as her daughter-in-law, but not an enemy to fight, even once.

"Mom, will you please watch your words first? I respect you because you gave birth to my dear husband. That's all. If you want something more, you will need to earn it yourself," Sheryl explained before she turned around and walked down the staircase again, leaving Melissa gnashing her teeth in anger.

Melissa co

overwhelming amount of bad news so she couldn't believe there was nothing at all.

"Yes, you heard me right. There is not a single word judging you or our company. By the way, you owe a big favor to Mr. Lu. It's because of all his efforts that we could get rid of it completely."

"Charles? Tell me what he did!" Sheryl's curiosity was aroused. As a matter of fact, she had already guessed that it must be Charles who helped them out, but she wanted to know the details. Melissa told her earlier that he was busy with his own business.

"Mr. Lu held a press conference after he sent you home this morning. He explained that the accident in the shopping mall and the jumping event were all Lacy's idea. She plotted it all just to frame you. It had nothing to do with you or our company. The police confirmed what Mr. Lu said, and thus the reporters didn't have time to make up stories," Phoebe explained.

Sheryl listened carefully, and she did owe Charles a big favor.

Every time she felt a little disappointed at him, he would do something to exceed her expectation. Suddenly she missed his good looking face and his warm hugs, and her heart was filled with gratitude.

On the other end of the line, Phoebe continued to talk, "Then you must have guessed why they didn't report the accident in the shopping mall. It's because of Mr. Lu."

Before Sheryl had time to respond, Phoebe went on again, "Mr. Lu took care of everything for us, Ms. Xia. He talked with someone at a higher level, bypassing Peterson. I heard that he went to them last night, and that was why they let us go so easily. Mr. Lu loves you!"

Sheryl's thoughts had long gone away. It flew to the man who, she initially thought, could do nothing to protect her from hurt caused by his own mother.

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