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   Chapter 1505 Where Is Charles

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Sheryl looked back immediately, her eyes flickering with hope and surprise. She saw Charles standing right before her eyes. His face brought her much consolation.

"What did you say? Jarvis is dead?" Lancy shouted in doubt. Gazing at Charles, she totally forgot she was about to jump off the building. Now all her attention focused on what Charles had claimed.

Staying sober, Charles gave her a faint smile and repeated, "If you jump off now, I assure you that his death will be more miserable."

"You are lying!" Lancy yelled with a furious look. "No, you must be lying! My Jarvis is in a safe place. He's being taken care of. As long as I keep my promise and kill Sheryl, they will help me find the best doctor to cure him."

"Unfortunately, they tricked you," Charles sighed with pity.

"No, that is impossible. I had a deal with them. I'm sure they would keep their promise, as long as I keep mine. Huh, I see, you are trying to deceive me. I can see through your tricks. Don't even think that I will fall into your cheap plot so easily!"

Lancy sounded like she completely lost it. Realizing her insanity, Charles took it as an opportunity and came up with a plan. 'This is a rare chance to distract Lancy and work with the police. If I want to make it, I need the policemen to rescue Sheryl on cue.' He quickly winked at the policemen around him, gesturing for them to back him up.

After exchanging a knowing look, Charles looked back at Lancy's direction. Shaking his head, he said, "But pitifully, he is dead now. You can't expect him to come back to life."

"Shut up! Just shut up!" Lancy burst with rage. She fiercely threw off Sheryl's hand. With a straight glare, she pointed at Charles and warned, "I won't allow you to talk about him like that! Jarvis is not dead. He will be cured and after that, we will live a happy life. He promised me that we will travel around the world. And he never breaks his promises!"

While Lancy was talking to Charles, the policemen cautiously approached them. One quietly got close to Sheryl and grabbed her away from Lancy; at the same time, another man swiftly threw himself to catch Lancy's legs, trying to drag her out of the danger area.

"Ah! Stop!" Lancy cried out as she frantically pulled herself back. Her fierce reaction caused the policeman to lost his balance. The man failed to rec

dragged Sheryl off the building with her.

"No!" Sheryl screamed all of a sudden, as she sat up from her bed. She felt her body covered with cold sweat.

After waking up from her dream, Sheryl felt nervous. Looking around with fear and observing her familiar surroundings, she realized at once that she was in her bedroom.

'Well, it was just a dream. I was nearly scared out of my wits!' Scrubbing her forehead with her hand, Sheryl felt relieved.

Then she felt the pajamas she was wearing were rather comfortable. Since she passed out, she had been unconscious all the way home. She couldn't even recall who had taken her to her bedroom and changed her clothes into these pajamas.

Reviving her memories, she only remembered fainting because of panic. Back then, that horrible scene became the last straw, as her mental state was overly stimulated. While she was about to fall down, she felt a strong and firm arm held onto her waist. It was like a shield that supported her feeble body, stopping her from falling.

As Sheryl raised her eyes to see who it was, a deep and dark face, filled with affection, quickly captured her full attention.

Sheryl felt surrounded by deep love. The familiar face soothed Sheryl's panic. She became confident and brave as he stood beside her. His presence was enough to tell her she had nothing to fear.

When she was stuck in her nightmare, she was helpless and dreaded because Charles was not standing beside her. And the virtual situation felt so real that it scared the hell out of her.

'But, where is Charles?'

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