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   Chapter 1503 On A Razor's Edge

The Substitute Bride By Coolgirl Characters: 6965

Updated: 2019-09-08 02:12

Sheryl reached the doorway to the roof. Phoebe dashed towards her and whispered, "Ms. Xia, Lancy insisted on meeting you. Please be careful!"

"I got this," Sheryl said and glanced towards Lancy who was standing at the edge of the roof.

There were several police officers around Lancy, but they kept a safe distance from her. Every time someone drew closer, she would scream and threaten to jump. So, nobody dared to approach her.

"Miss Lan, please stay calm. Don't be irrational. Nothing is more important than your own life. You are in grave danger now. If you have any problems, please talk to us. Get off the edge. Stay with us!" one of the policewomen said to Lancy, trying to per

n fear. After sometime, she managed to stabilize herself, daring not to move even slightly.

Around them, the police were terribly nervous too. However, they realized that Lancy wasn't letting go of Sheryl no matter what happened.

"Lancy, we don't know each other, and we don't have anything against each other. I understand if you want to end your own life, but why do you want to kill me too?" Sheryl asked coldly.

"Why? Ha! You are right! I don't need to kill you, I don't need to kill myself either! But you know what? We all have just this one life. But if I want to save another life, I have to kill you first," Lancy snapped viciously as she glared at Sheryl with venomous eyes.

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