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   Chapter 1501 Don't Be Nervous

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"Wait!" Charles suddenly exclaimed as he held Sheryl's hand and slightly shook his head at her. Then, he turned to Shirley and softly said, "Shirley, Dad and Mom are here. We believe that you can do it. Remember what I told you when you need to put your clothes on? Just relax. Don't be nervous. We are always here, watching you. Come on, take a deep breath. It will be just fine. Pull now your shirt over your head..."

And the words became magic! Shirley calmed down and stopped crying. She started to move and followed what her daddy said. Putting on her serious face, she concentrated on inserting her head in the shirt. Finally, her head came out.

Then, she continued with inserting her arms. As she stretched them out, they popped out from the sleeves.

"Wow! It's amazing! I finally learned how to put on my clothes on my own. It is really so easy after all!" Shirley said so happily as she jumped up and down. She even started dancing. She thought what she felt right at that moment was way better than getting her birthday presents.

For her, what she learned was something so meaningful. 'I can put on my own clothes now, just like how Clark does! It is so great!' she thought to herself.

"Wow! You did great! A thumb-up for your success!" And Clark gave the sign and pointed it at the middle of Shirley's forehead as a compliment.

"Thank you, Clark," Shirley said happily.

Watching Shirley smiling widely, Sheryl finally got relieved.

She nearly assisted Shirley in the middle of her attempt in putting her clothes on. It was lucky that Charles stopped her, or else, she wouldn't know when Shirley would be able to do it on her own.

Upon that thought, Sheryl automatically turned around and looked at Charles. Charles was also looking at her. Their eyes met. And suddenly, Sheryl felt heart beat faster. Feeling her face turn red, she looked away abruptly.

'Oh my God! I've been married to this man for so long. We even have two kids. Why does my heart beat so fast whenever I look at his handsome face? Why do I still feel like a teenager after all these years?

I must be insane!' Sheryl thought to herself.

Trying to cover up her feelings from Charles, Sheryl called the children. "Come on, Clark and Shirley. Let's eat breakfast."

Clark and Shirley followed her as she walked towards the door. Hesitantly, she looked back at Charles and said, "Let's go and have some breakfast."

Then, she quickly went on her way without looking at him a second more. She went do

breath. 'If he just knows how complicated I feel inside...' she thought to herself.

She also knew that Charles blamed her for not picking the children up on time. She wasn't given a choice for something serious happened in the company. 'I did not like to keep the children waiting. He is speaking as if I did it intentionally! Besides, the children already forgave me and didn't blame me for being late. Why on earth did he still speak about it and blame me?' Sheryl thought.

The guilt she felt at first for the children was suddenly replaced with anger towards Charles. She felt if she didn't leave soon, the conversation would turn to argument. So, she started to walk again, holding the children, and left the house without looking or saying goodbye at him.

When Sheryl left, Charles lost his appetite. He put down his fork and wiped his mouth. As he was about to stand, Nancy came out from the kitchen.

"Mr. Lu, you came home so late last night and got up so early today. Are you going to take a nap?" Nancy asked worriedly.

Charles shook his head. Because his expression was so difficult to read, Nancy didn't know what he was thinking about, but Nancy could tell that Charles also felt bothered by what happened. Charles turned and looked at the direction where Sheryl left. Then, he instructed Nancy, "Sheryl is busy these days. So, go and tell the driver to pick up Clark and Shirley on time every day. Oh, and prepare something not spicy for dinner. I noticed that Sheryl's lips are unnaturally red. I'm afraid that she won't want to eat those things that will make her lips feel on fire. It might be the result of being too anxious in the past few days."

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