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   Chapter 1500 An Unexpected Outcome

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Strangely, Sheryl couldn't find any news report on the mall incident yesterday. There wasn't even a single mention of the Cloud Advertising Company.

Feeling utterly confused, she stood there blankly for a while. She recalled how Lancy threatened her yesterday at the hospital.

Lancy was obviously serious about what she said. Someone behind her had planned the accident, and they meant to target Sheryl and her company. Lancy swore to defame her through the false news coverage. But why would they give up in the middle of their plan?

Or maybe something happened that ruined their plans.

But Peterson himself said that they were specifically instructed to expose the case. Someone obviously pressured the media to report the accident. While Sheryl didn't know who that person could be, it was definitely someone influential. Someone powerful enough tried to bring Sheryl down.

However, their careful plan seemed to stop abruptly this morning. What happened?

Sheryl didn't know what was happening so she decided to give Phoebe a call.

"Good morning, Ms. Xia!" Phoebe wasn't surprised to receive a call from Sheryl despite being so early in the morning. On the upside, she even seemed to sound ecstatic to hear from Sheryl.

In fact she got up earlier this morning than usual to check the news only to nothing. She was relieved when Sheryl called her because she was confused. She figured it must've been Sheryl's doing.

"Phoebe, have you checked the news?" Sheryl asked.

"Yes, I have. Ms. Xia, you're amazing! How did you get that done? I'm so glad you figured a way out!" Phoebe couldn't help but express her astonishment to Sheryl. She continued, "Lancy's threats were empty after all! She's fake! It was just all talk!"

Sheryl immediately figured that Phoebe had nothing to do with it. She called her with the intention of asking if she had any idea what was going on, but it turned out that Phoebe knew just as much as she did.

In fact, if anything, she only got more confused. She didn

put her dress over her head.

Shirley pouted her lips in response, "Mom, I don't know how to dress myself..."

"So you have to learn it if you can't do it. Clark is able to dress himself. That means you can also dress yourself. I believe in you." Sheryl put Clark as an example to encourage her.

Shirley paused and then she turned to look at Clark who was putting on clothes. She nodded excitedly, "Mom, I want to learn how to dress myself too!"

Then she turned to Charles. "Daddy, l'll do it myself! I'll dress myself!"

Charles gave her a huge smile and stopped. He handed Shirley her clothes. He was very proud of his daughter.

Shirley recalled how her parents had dressed her in the past. She also learned from Clark, put the clothes from over her head, and tried to get her head through the hole. Everything seemed to be going well.

However, within a few seconds, Shirley's head got stuck. She pulled and she pulled but she failed. She was still stuck.

"Help! Mom, Dad, help me!" she screamed in a muffled voice because her head was wrapped in the clothes.

"Shirley, what's wrong?" Sheryl rushed to her and asked anxiously.

She bent down to check on Shirley. She didn't realize how closely Clark was standing next to her. But she focused her attention on Shirley. She tugged at Shirley's clothes to help her out.

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