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   Chapter 1499 Sheryl's Hesitation

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"Oh, Mr. Lu, Cloud Advertising Company is in some huge trouble," Peterson said in a serious tone.

Charles was concerned right away. He furrowed his eyebrows. "So that's why Sheryl called you? She wanted your help to quiet down the noise, right?"

"Mr. Lu, I wanted to help her. But I don't know why it's being blown out of proportion. My boss found out and now he wants me to put it on the front page. And right now, the decision isn't up to me. I have to follow orders," Peterson said helplessly.

Charles smelled something fishy. "Your boss?"

"Ha, Mr. Lu, you're a smart man. I think you know the answer to that question," Peterson said knowingly.

Charles didn't say anything. If there was a man who could control all the magazines and newspapers, it must be that man.

"Peterson, thanks for your help. Once all this is over, I'll visit you and repay you for your help," Charles said after a pause.

Peterson was glad to help. He hadn't expected that Charles would be that grateful towards him. To him, as long as Charles didn't blame him, he was fine.

"You're welcome, Mr. Lu. Don't wait until tomorrow. I think you should do something now before all the news comes out."

"Yes, we'll do something right away."

When they hung up, Charles heaved a heavy sigh. He was deep in thought. The screen on his phone had dimmed but Charles was still blankly staring at it.

After a while, he snapped out of his trance and decided to head out. He went downstairs and then passed the living room. Meanwhile, Nancy was just getting out of the kitchen.

"Mr. Lu, are you going out now?" Nancy asked, with a courteous smile.

Charles nodded his head slightly, "Yes, I have something urgent to deal with. And Nancy, if Sheryl comes back, can you tell her that I'm out?"

"Of course. But wait, it's freezing out there. Take a jacket with you," Nancy added thoughtfully as she handed Charles his jacket.

Charles flashed her a smile and said, "Thanks." Then he turned and opened the door.

Charles' figure quickly disappeared in the distance. Nancy sighed in her heart, 'Mr. Lu and Sher are always so busy.'

Nancy suddenly remembered she had prepared a midnight snack for Sheryl. Then she hurriedly turned and rushed into the kitchen. She hoped it wasn't too late to heat up the

would be to be a child forever!

The next morning, Sheryl was awoken by the burst of sunlight through her bedroom window.

The first thing she did when she opened her eyes was to check if Charles had gone home. To her disappointment, he hadn't.

Last night, she tried to wait for Charles to come home but it was already getting late and she fell asleep.

'Pajamas? Why am I wearing pajamas?' Sheryl was dumbfounded when she saw what she was wearing in the mirror. Sheryl lowered her gaze to make sure that she really was wearing pajamas.

'I'm not supposed to be wearing pajamas.

What happened?'

Sheryl tried to recall the previous night. She didn't change into her pajamas right away because she intended to wait for Charles to get home. However, it got so late that she fell asleep.

So why was she wearing pajamas? If Charles didn't come home, then who helped Sheryl change into pajamas? Sheryl was in such a deep sleep last night that she didn't know what had happened.

If it wasn't Charles, could it be Melissa? Sheryl didn't even want to consider that, so she quickly shook the idea off. In the end, she decided to ask Nancy.

Regardless of the whole pajama thing, Sheryl felt refreshed from her sleep. She hurriedly went into the bathroom, washed her face, and brushed her teeth.

When she finished her daily get-up routine, she checked her watch. It was a half past seven in the morning. 'Yesterday... I almost forgot about that mall fiasco!'

Sheryl took out her phone and decided to check the news.

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