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   Chapter 1497 Negotiation

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"Pay for her face?" Sheryl asked in amazement. "But the doctor said her face is fine. What's wrong with her?"

"I don't know why, Ms. Xia," Phoebe replied. She also felt very confused. Their company had already offered to compensate the model, yet she was determined to refuse it. Instead, she insisted on creating a disturbance, which was inexplicable to everyone.

"Where is she now?" Sheryl asked abruptly.

"What?" Phoebe asked as she didn't understand what Sheryl meant.

"I'm asking where Lancy is now," Sheryl repeated.

Phoebe took a tumble and nodded. Embarrassed, she scratched the back of her head as she said, "Ms. Xia, let me take you to her room." Then she turned around and walked forward briskly, without waiting for Sheryl's approval.

Sheryl didn't say anything whatsoever. She decided to follow her into the building.

As she was busy walking, she kept thinking about what Phoebe had said.

It was obvious that Lancy's injury wasn't anything to worry about. She was already put at ease, as she was reassured that her face would recover soon. However, she kept finding fault with it, and refused to accept their offer.

Deep down, Sheryl had a feeling that this incident was suspicious. She had no idea why. Therefore, she needed to meet with Lancy. She wanted to find out what she really wanted.

With Sheryl following behind her, Phoebe said, "Ms. Xia, her room is here, right in front..."

Before Phoebe even finished speaking, Sheryl noticed shrill curses coming from a room not too far away from them. It must be Lancy, the model they were looking for.

"Ms. Xia, should Lancy say anything offensive to you when you meet her, please just ignore it," Phoebe explained awkwardly, anxious about what Lancy would say.

She wanted Sheryl to be mentally prepared for what she was about to face. Sheryl hadn't met Lancy before, yet somehow she felt like she already knew her. Therefore, she knew how maliciously and indecently Lancy could be when she felt abused by others. Her appearance didn't match that of a professional model, but rather a hooligan!

Sheryl nodded her head, and then followed Phoebe into the room.

The door was slightly open. However, what they saw in the room was shocking to them both.

The whole room was a mess. It looked as though it had been destroyed by a natural disaster.

Everything in the room was disrupted, including the table, chairs, cups, and hygiene products. The only piece of furnitur

you?" Lancy repeated, staring at Sheryl like a vicious serpent. Suddenly, she burst into a hysterical laughter. It was as though she was completely mad. "I know that you and your company set up the accident on purpose to disfigure my face! You know what, I'm not going to just leave this. Just wait and see. Tomorrow you'll see the truth displayed all over the newspaper headlines, exposing the scandal of your company!" Lancy threatened her fiercely.

"You are really such a bitch!" Phoebe couldn't help but yell at her. She rolled up her sleeves, ready to slap Lancy and give her a taste of her own medicine.

However, before she could, Sheryl grabbed her by the arm and stopped her. She smiled at Lancy, "I'll figure out what your real purpose is, Lancy. I'm afraid that you'll be the one to lose both your reputation and job."

After saying that, Sheryl didn't want to waste any more time with Lancy. She tugged on Phoebe's arm and said, "Let's go."

"You won't dare to leave now! I swear, if you dare to leave here, I'll expose your true colors to the public media. I'm sure the storm will ruin your company! Ha-ha-ha!"

Lancy's hysterical screams kept echoing outside her room.

After they left the hospital, Phoebe remained a little frightened. Lancy's laughter was creepy, and gave Phoebe goosebumps.

She peeped at her boss, Sheryl, just to find that Sheryl wasn't intimidated by Lancy's threats at all. Instead, her eyes were resolute and firm, almost like she was thinking about something else.

Phoebe couldn't help but admire Sheryl's composure. It seemed like Sheryl was indeed capable of dealing with all kinds of challenges.

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