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   Chapter 1496 Three Models Injured

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The planner hurriedly spoke as Sheryl threw out question after question, beads of sweat falling from his face. "I'm terribly sorry for what happened, but the facilities we have are all that were stated in the contract, Ms. Xia. We dedicated our best workers for this. Before we started anything, we did a thorough check-up first and everything was fine. I can guarantee you that this is top quality!"

"Then someone else must have loosened the screw, right?" Sheryl said sternly, staring the planner down.

The planner was panicking inside. He had worked with Sheryl beforehand and he knew that the calmer Sheryl sounded and looked, the angrier she was on the inside.

But he did everything that he was supposed to do. This was just a mistake. How could such an accident happen under his supervision?

He didn't know how to get out of this. He regretted offering to supervise this project in the first place, but there was no use crying over spilled milk. He bowed to Sheryl and remained silent.

Sheryl turned away from him, glanced at the spot and instructed, "Evacuate the crowd. Tell the security to secure the area. Did you call the police? Okay, we'll wait for the police. Someone should visit the injured models. Okay, I can do that myself. I need to give them gifts. Three. Prepare them now, please."

Phoebe was at a loss, but she calmed down when she saw how Cheryl took control. She did as Sheryl asked.

Sheryl was only able to look at her phone when she finally got inside her car. She saw that she had a ton of missed calls from the kindergarten.

She'd forgotten to pick up the twins.

Their teacher called her several times, but she didn't hear the ringing due to the noise in the site.

She called the twins' teacher back right away.

"Hello, Mrs. Lu," the teacher greeted.

"Hey, I'm sorry I didn't hear your calls. Are they still with you now?" Sheryl asked hurriedly as she started the car engine, preparing to go and pick them up.

"No, Shirl

e boomed over the phone.

"Take it easy, Phoebe. Take a deep breath and tell me slowly," Sheryl encouraged. Her heart was sinking. She hoped that whatever happened, it was still manageable.

Phoebe reported, "Only three models were injured in the accident. Two of them have broken legs and have already gotten checked up. The third one's face is injured and she's making quite a scene. She's asking for compensation."

"I know. I'm on my way to the hospital now. Don't panic and try your best to calm her down," Sheryl urged. She slammed her foot on the gas pedal and sped her way to the hospital.

Phoebe was waiting at the gate when she got there, and waved at her when she saw her car.

"Here, Ms. Xia!" she shouted.

Sheryl took her time to park the car and got out. She asked as they walked to the operating room, "How's the model?"

"The other two have already gone home. The one inside is making a scene..." Phoebe's voice trailed off.

"What does she want?" Sheryl pressed.

"Her name is Lancy. Her face was injured. The doctor told her that she'll need a few days to recover but after that, she won't have any scars left. But she's quite stubborn. She doesn't want to believe the doctor. She thinks her face has a high value and that we need to pay her a large amount of money to get it fixed!"

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