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   Chapter 1495 Disagreement

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With resignation, Sheryl realized that she was not going to get any clues now. Knowing she had no choice, she let it go. 'Someone is trying to challenge me. Unfortunately, they've succeeded once, so they won't stop at any cost. It's fine that I missed it this time. But I will have to keep an eye out to catch them in their next attempt, ' she thought with resolution.

Now that her mind was set, she turned around and glanced at Phoebe. "It's all right. You can go back and resume your work. I have to deal with these files."

"Alright, Ms. Xia," Phoebe said and went out of Sheryl's office.

Unintentionally, Sheryl's eyes fell on her mobile phone. Several missed calls popped on her screen.

She didn't need to take a closer look to know who was calling her. 'I woke up and came to the company so early. I'm afraid Charles must be thinking that I am still angry with him. He must be calling to ask whether I am over yesterday's fight, ' Sheryl realized.

'Whatever. He is free to think however he likes!' Sheryl thought and tried to shrug these thoughts out of her mind. Truth be told, she wasn't able to sleep well last night. Hence she felt a little dizzy right now. This made it hard for her to concentrate on her work.

'When Melissa lied, Charles believed her so easily. How can he think I would say such a thing? I'm so disappointed with him. He knows me so well yet he fell for it, ' Sheryl thought with a tinge of disappointment.

'Maybe it is better for us to stay away from each other for a while. That might give us some time to contemplate over these matters. Even though it is not normally right to stay away from partner, that seems like the right option for us. If we continue talking, it might turn into a fight. I think it's time for us to sleep in different rooms so that we avoid meeting each other. If we do not see each other, we won't have a chance to hurt each other. We might forget the fight after a while and then we can get back together.'

Sheryl made up a firm decision in her mind. With this sorted, she began to get back to work.

In the morning, she had been so busy that she had no time for anything. All her stomach had was a glass of water. She didn't go to the bathroom nor did she have any food.

Fortunately or unfortunately, the business in her company dramatically increased that day. The entire staff was working their hardest for the success of their business. Like Sheryl, they had their eyes glued to the files. 'I am not sure if this is a good thing or not, ' Sheryl thought to herself as her eyes scanned the people who were working without a break.

Isla didn't come to the company that day. She called in sick saying that Aron advised her against going to work until she got better.

On the phone, she

urt in the process.

Sheryl began to panic instantly. She rushed and made her way to the shopping mall. She didn't have time to call the teachers in the kindergarten or the driver of the Lu family.

The activity in this large shopping mall was originally planned by the competitor of their company in the past. However, this year, the shopping mall wanted Sheryl's company to take care of it. The one who was in charge of the shopping mall activities told Sheryl that their shopping mall believed that Sheryl's company was capable of planning this activity because of their good reputation.

There was no reason for Sheryl to refuse such an opportunity. Therefore, they abruptly took it.

But she never anticipated such an accident would happen.

Sheryl listened to Phoebe's report of this activity as she walked towards the shopping mall.

Phoebe said, "Ms. Xia, we arranged three groups of people to do this model show and we have checked everything around the stage and audiences' seats. We weren't able to detect any fault hence it's impossible that there were any risk factors. But in the middle of the show, an iron rod dropped from above the stage. It almost fell on the head of one of the models. People began to panic and ran away. In an attempt to escape, three models fell from the stage and broke their bones. Once we had the situation in check, our staff members inspected all the tools used in the construction of the stage. That's when we figured out this iron rod fell because one of the screws that held it was loose."

"The screw was loose?" Sheryl questioned in confusion. She stopped walking and turned to Phoebe. "How can this silly mistake happen in our activity? Is it because you made a mistake in hiring the workers? Weren't they skilled enough? Or did you forget to check properly before executing the plan?"

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