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   Chapter 1494 The Camera Is Broken

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Charles frowned slightly and ignored Melissa's words. He passed Melissa and went to the children's bedroom. When he saw the door ajar, he peeked inside and saw that the children were already out of bed. Clark was helping Shirley put her clothes on.

"Good morning, Dad!" Clark greeted Charles with a smile when he saw his dad walk in.

"Dad! I had a nightmare last night. I dreamed of a monster..." Shirley started saying with fear in her eyes. She had just woken up, so her voice was hoarse. The first thing she wanted to do after having that nightmare was tell her dear father about it.

Charles tapped on their heads slightly and said with a wide smile, "Look at you! My clever children already know how to get up on their own. Good boy! Good girl! Especially you, Clark. You've learned to help your sister put on her clothes now."

"No, we didn't wake up on our own. Mom came and woke us up a while back, or we will still be sleeping now," Shirley said as she rubbed her sleepy eyes. She wasn't happy about getting up so early.

'Sheryl woke the kids up?' Charles thought, 'Where is she now? I didn't see her come this way.'

He turned around quickly and walked out the room. He needed to talk to Sheryl. He wanted to know if she was still mad at him.

Just as he was walking down the stairs, he saw Nancy coming up. When Nancy saw Charles, she greeted him with a gentle smile on her face, "Good morning, sir. Your breakfast is ready and is already served at the table. Sher asked me to help the children put on their clothes. She was worried that they might not be willing to get out of bed so—"

"Did you see Sher just now?" Charles interrupted Nancy.

"Yes, I saw her only a few moments back. She didn't have her breakfast. She said that she's got something to deal with at the office, so she left early," Nancy replied.

"Oh. All right," Charles said, frustrated. 'I didn't think that she would leave in such a hurry. She didn't even wait to have breakfast with me. I was right. She is still angry with me, and that's why she is avoiding me,' Charles thought to himself bitterly.

Charles was actually far from the truth. Sheryl had only left early because she had some urgent business to attend to. She didn't want to wake Charles up, so she went away silently.

Nancy went upstairs to take care of the children and Charles went to the dining hall to have breakfast. He sat down and started to eat. While he was eating, he remembered that he had a meeting that morning. He was silently planning to go to Sheryl's company after the meeting to explain about the misunde

cold or are you being cursed secretly?"

"I'm pretty sure that someone is trying to curse me to death," Sheryl said with a smirk.

'And there's no one other than my sweet mother-in-law who would do that," Sheryl thought to herself grimly.

Phoebe thought that Sheryl was just kidding, so she let it go and began with the report, "Mrs. Lu, you have two client appointments today. You have to talk about the details regarding the contract. And in the afternoon, you have a meeting."

"All right. By the way, Phoebe, did you get the surveillance footage?" asked Sheryl.

Phoebe shook her head and said, "I'm afraid not. I went to the real estate management office. They said that the camera had been broken for a while. So, we can't identify the person who damaged your car."

"Broken? How did the camera break? Is it just a coincidence that it was broken at that exact time?" Sheryl asked. It was hard for her to believe.

Phoebe didn't believe it was a coincidence either. "Yes, I have my doubts about it too. I asked the staff about the details and the time when the camera was broken. They said that it was around the same time your car was damaged."

"What about any suspicious cars or people going in and out of the building? Did you check on that?" Sheryl asked, trying to figure out some other clues.

Phoebe hesitated for a moment and said, "The staff said that there were too many people and cars that had come in that day. The data is too large for them to narrow down in a short period of time."

After hearing Phoebe's words, Sheryl sneered. 'I already have an idea about how this is going to turn out. It looks like we need to completely reorganize the people of this building,' she thought to herself.

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