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   Chapter 1493 Disputes

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At Dream Garden

Although Charles slept in the bedroom, to him the bed seemed empty as he dozed alone for the whole night. Even though it was the same bed in the same room, somehow he felt different.

In the middle of his sleep, his arms reached out to hug Sheryl as usual. However, he only felt the blankets. He opened his eyes and stared into the darkness, lost in thought.

He tossed and turned for a while, unable to fall asleep. Frustrated, he sat up and stared at the closed door, hoping that Sheryl would open it and greet him with a smile like she always did.

Then again, it was only a wish. Sheryl was mad at him right now—why would she voluntarily come to him?

Charles mocked himself for being so naive. He then forced himself to sleep and get through the night.

Meanwhile in the guest bedroom, Sheryl also couldn't sleep.

Perhaps she felt sleepless because she wasn't accustomed to the bed.

'Damn it! I shouldn't have left the master bedroom to him! How could he accuse me of saying that? I'm so mad at him!' Sheryl thought angrily.

The more she thought about the whole thing, the more furious she got. She couldn't help but pound her fists on the bed, but the force made her hand ache painfully as well.

The psychological and physical pain Sheryl felt made her want to cry. Tears began to well up in her eyes, but she raised her head and blinked to stop them from falling.

If there was one good thing that could comfort her, she had two adorable children. She was never alone. Even if Charles thought wrongly of her, or if the whole world abandoned her, she was still the mother of their kids. They were her cute angels who could always cure her pain.

As Sheryl thought about them, she covered her whole body with the blanket and pretended that her children were sleeping with her. She must sleep right now! Tomorrow was another day, and another day always brought hope. She wouldn't be defeated so easily!

It was deathly silent at midnight, but it was disturbed when Melissa's door opened. She popped her head out first, then stealthily walked out as a smirk crept on her face.

It wasn't too long when she heard footsteps from the s

late, ' Charles thought with concern.

Panic flooded him, and he returned to Sheryl's room again. When he was about to knock, he heard someone's voice from behind him.

"Don't waste your time. She left since a while ago."

Charles turned around in surprise, only to be greeted by a sneering Melissa.

"Sher has left home? But how could it be? She doesn't usually go to work so early," Charles asked in disbelief.

"Last night she slept alone in the guest room, while you stayed in your own bedroom. Am I right?" Melissa asked. Instead of answering him, she dodged the question and asked him instead.

Charles had no idea what she meant to do, so he didn't respond.

"If she didn't want you to stay in the same room with you, why would she wait for you to wake her up? Charles, you're letting her fool you by blindly believing in her," Melissa sighed. Although her tone sounded concerned, it was clear that she tried to slander Sheryl.

However, Charles didn't buy her words. Besides, he was more worried about Sheryl's condition at the moment, so he didn't bother to continue the conversation with Melissa and returned to his bedroom instead. He took his phone and immediately called Sheryl.

It rang several dozen times, but Sheryl never answered.

"She isn't answering your calls either?" Melissa gloated and leaned against the door frame. Charles turned his head to the side. He didn't know how long she'd been standing there.

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