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   Chapter 1490 Quarrels

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"Sher, did you send Isla home?" Charles asked gently.

Sheryl nodded her head. But before she could speak to Charles, she suddenly felt his grip on her hand. Charles held Sheryl and walked straight into their bedroom.

Sheryl followed Charles. Unable to see his face, she only heard the scurry of their footsteps through the silence. When she noticed the rush in Charles' footsteps, her heartbeat quickened and her face turned pink.

What was Charles's up to? She looked at his broad shoulders and his gait from behind. A shy idea crept in her mind. She couldn't help but start to wonder about what was waiting for her in the bedroom. Charles, as she knew him, was a very calm and composed man who seldom lost control over himself. It was rare that Charles held her hand in the way he did at the moment.

But it warmed Sheryl's heart when he did. She felt rather satisfied. Her lips curved into a sweet smile.

Women's mind is inexplicable. Even the greatest of the philosophers have failed to explain it. Sometimes, just a single touch from the man she loves can fill her heart.

However, as they entered the bedroom, Charles loosened his grip. He pushed the door closed and turned towards Sheryl in a grim face.

One look at his face and Sheryl was out of her daydream. She felt a changed atmosphere. All the contented feeling in her heart vanished in an instant and she stared at Charles with confusion. Without any hesitation, she blurted out, "Charles, what's the matter?"

"Our daughter misbehaved and disrespected her grandma. Then she got scolded for that and then burst into tears." Charles tried to restate the whole thing in an understated tone.

Hearing this, Sheryl was completely taken aback. She stared at Charles with a surprised look. She found it difficult to understand Charles' statement. She denied at once, "Shirley is always well-behaved. You know that! How could she be rude to her grandma? There must be some mistake!"

"Mistake? Do you doubt my judgment?" Charles cast a grim look to Sheryl, as he continued, "Sher, was it you who asked Shirley not to take food from Melissa?"

Sheryl dilated her eyes with utter shock as even such thoughts were alien to her. Why would she tell her daughter to do that?

Charles sounded absolutely unreasonable and ridiculous to Sheryl. She had that much commonsense to appreciate the fact that staying under the same roof, they couldn't avoid having meals together every day. She also knew that if she worried that Melissa might lay her hands on the kids again, she had to be cautious about every meal every day. Besides, she didn't thi

shy. Her heart started to beat against her chest. She could feel the excitement passing through her entire body.

Cassie could read Nick's eyes. Most of all, she felt pure and strong affection through his eyes.

"Nick, why are you staring at me?" Cassie shared a quick glance at Nick and spoke in a low voice.

Caught unprepared, Nick anxiously turned his eyes away as if he was caught stealing something. With a fake cough, he fixed his gaze on the road and pretended to be absorbed in driving.

"Do you have something to tell me?" Cassie asked with a hint of disappointment in her mind. She thought in her heart, 'I know Nick still loves me like before. But now that we are together with no one around, why doesn't he offer to talk to me? He could use some flattering words to make me happy, couldn't he?'

Nick felt a churn inside his heart. Of course, he had so much to tell her. He desperately wanted to tell her how much he loved her. But even if there were thousands of sweet words waiting to be poured out, Nick didn't know how to begin. He was not a man of sweet words. As a boss, he was successful, but he was easily nervous in front of women. He always had trouble putting his feeling into words. He knew it and hesitated. He feared he would say something wrong to make Cassie angry. That would ruin such a wonderful moment.

So, he thought it would be better to remain silent until he was clear about what to say.

Cassie got pissed off at this. Nick didn't know his indifference had embarrassed her. Cassie felt bad and rather disappointed.

Anger started to rise in her heart.

"Stop the car!" Cassie snapped out.

Nick was shocked. Instinctively, he turned the steering wheel and pulled over as Cassie asked.

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