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   Chapter 1489 Mind Your Language

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Seeing Charles' confusion, Clark explained, "Dad, Grandma said Mom was a bitch."

Charles' face turned gloomy immediately.

How could Melissa say such a thing about his daughter and her granddaughter? People shouldn't be treating children this way.

"Dad, what does that mean?" Clark asked. He remembered Melissa's words clearly but he was too young to understand them.

In order not to hurt his children's feelings, Charles lied, "Grandma's getting old and she's not making sense. Just forget it. Okay?"

"I am going to ask Mom what that means, if you won't tell me. I bet Mom knows," Shirley said.

Shirley's words worried Charles. Lately, Sheryl and Melissa were starting to get along better. If his wife found out what Melissa had said about Shirley, she would be upset.

So Charles didn't want Shirley to go to Sheryl. "Please don't bother Mom with this. She has had a busy day today and she doesn't need to know. Can you wash your face and then go to bed?"

"But Mom isn't home yet. I want to wait for Mom…" Shirley didn't want to sleep without seeing her mother come back home. She turned to look at the door, wondering where she was.

Clark took his sister's hand. "Let's go, Shirley. Mom's not going to be home for a while. If she finds out we're still awake when she gets home, she'll get mad."

"Okay. I'll ask her tomorrow." Shirley turned away from the door reluctantly.

"Good night, Dad."

"Good night, sweeties."

When the kids disappeared upstairs, Charles' smile disappeared. He stood up after some thought and went up to knock on Melissa's door.

"What now?" Melissa's voice came from inside. She was annoyed that Charles had listened to Sheryl and cut off her allowance.

"Mom, can I come in?" Charles tried to keep calm.

"This is your house. Do I have the right to say no?" Melissa sneered.

Charles walked into her b

arles rubbed his temple and sighed. Then he turned on his heel and left the room.

Watching her son leaving the room, Melissa bit her bottom lip. She was upset. If she had it her way, she would never fight with Charles. It was all because of Sheryl. That vicious woman! Her relationship with Charles was bad because of Sheryl.

Her disdain toward Sheryl grew stronger.

Sheryl was on her way back home after dropping Isla off, and as she was nearing her home, she sneezed.

'Who is missing me?' Sheryl thought.

She checked her watch. It was ten. She wondered if the kids had gone to bed already.

As she thought that, she stepped on the pedal, willing her car to go faster. She wanted to be at home right now.

She soon drove into the parking lot and then after parking, she got out the car, closed the door, and then headed into the house.

The light was on, but no one was around. Sheryl was puzzled by this. She walked over to turn off the light.

Sheryl went upstairs and went straight to the children's bedroom. Before she could open the door, a familiar voice came from behind her.

"Shhh. The kids just fell asleep. Be careful."

She turned to smile up at him, nodding. "I'm sorry I'm late. I had dinner with Isla."

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