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   Chapter 1488 Conflict

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In the living room of the Lu family's house

Melissa was feeling really bored. She continued pressing the TV remote to switch channels, but simply couldn't find anything to watch that interested her.

However, unfortunately she was prohibited to play cards and had no income whatsoever. Even if she really wanted to play cards, she wouldn't be able to because she didn't have any money. That was why she pretended to be ill when she was invited for a game. She wanted to avoid being humiliated.

Thinking about what Sheryl had said to her the other evening, she couldn't help but be angry. How was it possible for Sheryl to criticize her in her own family? She was the hostess of the Lu family after all. Even though she had done something wrong, she was still Charles's mother and had to be respected.

Thinking about it, she gnashed her teeth in anger. She then continued pressing the remote with all of her strength, but still couldn't find a channel that entertained her.

At that very moment, Clark walked by. When he saw Melissa watching TV, he greeted her politely, "Hello, Grandma."

Melissa's anger subsided at the sight of Clark. She waved at him and said affectionately, "Clark, come here. I have a delicious treat for you."

Just as Clark wanted to reply, Shirley suddenly ran out from her room. She shouted loudly while running, "Clark, don't you forget what Mom told us? We're not allowed to eat anything Grandma gives us."

Hearing this, Melissa became even more furious.

She was the grandmother of these two kids. Why couldn't she give her grandchildren something to eat? Was it possible that Sheryl had educated her children privately in this way? Why wasn't she allowed to enjoy equal treatment in her family?

"Oh, Shirley, stop it." Noticing Melissa's facial expression changing, Clark immediately told his sister to stop.

However, Shirley was too young to pick up on social queues and just told Clark what Sheryl had told them in her own understanding way.

"I'm just rem

les a crooked smile.

However, Charles noticed that her eyes were swollen. It was obvious to him that she had cried hard and long at some point during the day.

Charles knitted his eyebrows together closely. As he was about to ask what happened, Clark walked up to him. He told his father the truth in a soft voice, "Dad, Shirley thought Grandma scared her, and that's why she cried. It's okay though because she doesn't feel sad anymore, alright?"

Allowing her brother to speak on behalf of her, Shirley immediately nodded in agreement. She wouldn't feel sad anymore because she had delicious snacks to eat.

Hearing what the kids said, Charles was doubtful. Did Melissa really scare Shirley?

"Clark, tell me the truth. Why did Grandma scare Shirley?" Charles wanted to get to the bottom of everything. As the grandmother of his kids, she wouldn't scare them for no reason. He thought that perhaps it were the kids who were at fault.

"Dad, Grandma said something like 'beach.' I don't know what she meant." Suddenly, Shirley remembered Melissa's last words to her, before she went upstairs. She then immediately told them to her father. In fact, she wasn't even sure she understood what Melissa had said or meant, but she was certain that it was indeed something bad.

'What? Beach?' Charles was puzzled. What had happened?

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