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   Chapter 1487 I Couldn't Go Against Her Openly

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 6075

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Sheryl replied without looking back, "I won't be able to eat with some people." She walked out.

She got what she had wanted; she didn't want to stay any longer than necessary.

From what had happened, Sheryl could clearly see that Leila feared Holley for some reason, and Holley couldn't dare offend her because of her business with Charles' company.

But why was Leila afraid of Holley? Was it because she had to throw herself into Holley's lap after she had been kicked out of the Lu Family?

But Holley was an atrociously ambitious woman. Why would she take in a useless woman like Leila? Did Holley want to use her to accomplish some dirty plan?

What was their agenda?

All those questions churned inside Sheryl's mind. She couldn't figure out even as she walked back to her private dining room.

When Sheryl finally left, Leila let her anger out. She kicked the leg of the table and let out a painful scream. Holley remained calm.

"Why did you stop me? Why didn't you let me tear that woman's mouth to pieces? You heard all the bullshit she said!" Leila swore, her eyes glowering.

Holley slowly put a piece of meat into her mouth and chewed on it. She said, "What do you know about Sheryl? I can't go against her openly. It's not the right time yet."

"Why not? Don't tell me you're afraid of her!" Leila snorted.

"Of course not. But you should think before you jump. She is Charles' wife. If you fight her in public, would Charles not intervene in? And I am right here with you. Even if I did nothing wrong, I would still be treated as your accomplice. If Charles launches an attack, his first target would be me. Even though you don't care for my well-being, I would appreciate it if you wouldn't bring me harm."

Leila listened to her reasoning.

Holley was a scheming woman. No wond

another person. She needed to be independent—mentally and financially. As long as she took care of herself, she would be cherished and respected by others as well.

As soon as she had realized that, she thought it was necessary to change the way she was with Nick.

A few minutes later, the four of them walked out the restaurant. Sheryl then drove her car to the entrance. After bidding goodbye to Nick and Cassie, Isla got into Sheryl's car.

When the car was out of his sight, Nick turned to look at Cassie. Under the bright lights of the hotel, Cassie's face looked especially beautiful.

"Cassie," Nick murmured her name. He was stunned by her beauty.

'I must have a screw loose in my head. If not, why would I let go of such an amazing woman?'

He was filled with regrets. He looked at her, with pain and remorse. If she would forgive him, he was ready to punish himself right in front of her eyes, at that very moment.

"Let's go," Cassie said, keeping her head low. She couldn't dare meet Nick's burning gaze. She walked towards the nearby park.

Nick sighed as he longingly gazed at Cassie's back. He knew that she hadn't forgiven him yet. He had no choice but to follow her quietly.

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