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   Chapter 1486 Sour Food

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Leila could not mend her ways. Even in public, Leila behaved in such unscrupulous. No wonder, she got caught by Sheryl so easily.

Just after Leila took her seat, she asked for a menu from a waiter. Then as soon as she got the menu, she started ordering without even sparing a look at Holley, who looked rather unhappy by Leila's gesture. Leila randomly picked the most expensive dishes from the menu and ordered much more than two girls could finish up in one meal.

Holley stared at Leila with absolute disgust. She despised Leila's behavior that came across like an upstart who was hell-bent to prove that she came from a rich background. However, her gestures revealed quite opposite of that—completely bereft of any refinement or aristocracy. Holley mapped Leila with her eyes as she marked her attitude with much abhorrence. However, she refrained from making any sarcastic remark on Leila's face. After all, Holley was not like Leila. She had seen much of life, so no matter how much scornful she felt in her heart, she chose to hide it from Leila.

Moreover, Leila would prove to be useful for her at the moment. Had it not been for her vested interest, Holley wouldn't have even spared a glance at the likes of Leila! And for such upstart behavior, she would have left without hesitation.

"Okay, that's enough. Go to make them," Leila said to the waiter with a smile when she finished ordering. Her words were harsh, and her tone was extremely arrogant that would put anybody with a decent background to shames.

As the waiter left, Leila picked up the teacup to take a small sip. She exuded a fake elegance and sense of style that made Holley fly into a rage.

"Leila, don't you think you ordered too many dishes? There are only two of us. I don't think we will be able to eat them all," Holley said slowly.

Leila let out a snobbish laugh, shrugged her shoulders and replied, "So? Would it matter if we don't eat them all? Since we're here, I want to taste as many as dishes I can. I don't want to waste such a good opportunity."

Holley felt even more repulsive towards Leila when she heard her reply. 'How hungry she is! She is indeed a horrible woman!" she thought to herself.

"Do you know what I wanted to do the most when I was in prison?" Leila looked at Holley and asked with her wandering eyes.

Holley suppressed her disgust and asked, "Wh

l's mocking?

Leila then threw her chopsticks and was about to stand up.

But Holley held her hand immediately and made her to sit down. Holley knew clearly that Sheryl was Charles' wife and the hostess of the Lu family. She didn't want to fall out with her, which would ruin the cooperation between her company and Charles' company.

So, no matter how eager Holley was to use the fool, Leila, to deal with Sheryl. Even though it wouldn't make much harm, she was willing to work off her feeling. She now had to bear with Sheryl for her company's benefit. She hoped that one day she would take back double of it.

"Let go of my hand! You heard her! I'm not you. I can't take it." Leila stamped her feet with rage. She was glaring at Holley.

To her surprise, Holley smiled gently. She then patted Leila's arm and said, "Yes, I heard. But I don't think Mrs. Lu said anything to make you angry."

"Holley!" Leila was furious, but Holley's cool reaction towards Sheryl's offensive words took her by surprise. Did she want Sheryl to say something more terrible to qualify as an offensive remark?

Seeing two of them echoing each other, Sheryl felt interested. She then brushed her palms against each other and said, "Phew! The air here is so polluted. I can't stay here for another second. I have to leave. Enjoy yourselves."

Sheryl's provocation made Leila stamp with rage again. But Holley pressed her hands to pacify her.

"Hold your horses, Leila," Holley said in a low yet stern voice. She then lifted her head and smiled, "Mrs. Lu, since you're here, please join us."

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