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   Chapter 1485 Collusion

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Blood rushed to Phoebe's head and it made her a little dizzy. 'So Ms. Xia will investigate who that person is. The parking lot has a CCTV, and I'm sure it recorded what happened. We'll catch this guy soon!' she thought.

Meanwhile, Sheryl briefly glanced at the characters written on her car, and quickly wiped them clean.

"Let's go. I'll drive you home," Sheryl said to Phoebe. "Alright."

They both got in the car, and then Sheryl started the engine and sped away. It was only until then that Phoebe felt a little relieved.

It was just all too scary! What if that person had been hiding in the darkness, ready to attack them any minute?

"Phoebe, don't worry. That guy should've left already," Sheryl assured as she manned the steering wheel. However, doubt still flooded Phoebe's anxious mind.

"Err...Ms. Xia, how do you know that?" Phoebe asked in disbelief. Why and how was Sheryl so sure? They didn't even know the guy.

A smile formed on Sheryl's lips and she explained, "Think about it: if you were that guy, would you still stay in the crime scene if there are CCTV cameras everywhere? It would be too risky. Once you're caught, you won't have any chances to take revenge on me. Don't you think so?"

After Sheryl spoke, Phoebe couldn't help but admire Sheryl's astuteness. She always had an insightful perception.

"Ms. Xia, I was really freaked out. I thought that a bad guy would suddenly come out and attack us. If that really happened, there would be nowhere to run. Thank God he left!" Phoebe exclaimed and put a hand to her chest.

"I'm sorry you got involved. Don't worry about it anymore. I'll handle this and catch that person," Sheryl said resolutely. Then Sheryl looked forward to the road again, her eyes clear and brimming with toughness and confidence.

Her words reassured Phoebe. In turn, Phoebe looked at Sheryl, whose perfectly sculpted face was so beautiful yet strong that she couldn't take her eyes away from it.

Somehow, she felt her tension melt away. She felt that Sheryl was a reliable and competent leader, which further convinced her that it was promising to follow such a person's footsteps.

At that same moment, Sheryl was thinking about something else so she didn't notice Phoebe's gaze.

From the first time she saw those characters on her car, she immediately thought of

er rope, so why did she meet with Holley now?

Truth be told, Holley wasn't a nice person either.

Holley previously thought about replacing Sheryl and becoming the hostess of Lu family all the time. Rachel used to be her partner. However, she used Rachel and even kicked her out of her own company. The last thing Sheryl heard about Rachel was that she left the country.

Sheryl saw them walking arm in arm, like intimate friends. She couldn't help but mentally sneer at the sight.

She could only think of one purpose for their meeting: collusion.

Anger threatened to flare out of Sheryl as they reminded her of all the suffering she endured. She thought about walking forward and spoiling their meeting with her abrupt presence. If she didn't do anything, she wouldn't feel at ease this whole evening.

With that thought, Sheryl firmly proceeded to their table.

Holley had actually invited Leila out for collaboration. She intended for them to meet at her company, but Leila refused and chose a restaurant. Leila did that because she wanted to show that she was the one in control. She became economically independent because of her small business. The fact that she didn't need to yield to anyone gave her much confidence.

But to be honest, Holley didn't want to meet her in public. Leila was notorious, and she even had a history of imprisonment. On the other hand, Holley was the boss of a huge company. If people saw them together, it would certainly take a toll on her fame. Still, Leila insisted, so Holley had no choice, and she agreed.

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