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   Chapter 1484 A Menace

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Cassie felt too shy to sit in the passenger seat, so she opened the back door and wanted to take the back seat with Isla instead.

"What are you doing here? You should seat in front with Nick. Can't you see that he's waiting for you?" Isla teased, pushing Cassie out before closing the door.

Cassie looked back only to meet Nick's gaze. She blushed and lowered her head. She had no choice but to sit in front. Seeing that, Nick opened the door for her.

Cassie quietly slipped herself into the passenger seat, trying to avoid eye contact with Nick. A smile suddenly burst into Nick's lips. He looked at Isla from the rear-view mirror and nodded to her as thanks.

Isla smiled back at him, feeling pretty fulfilled. It was such a great joy to see Nick and Cassie together. Both of them were really too shy, so she needed to push them forward.

She could almost predict that if she and Sheryl didn't intervene, they could possibly end up separating forever. She decided that she must speed up the process of their relationship, and bring them to a more intimate stage. Maybe she needed to book a hotel for them tonight? Isla racked her wits about it.

Meanwhile, it was almost 6 p.m., but Sheryl still received several calls from clients, asking for contract extension.

Sheryl felt quite surprised that their business was really booming. It was too good to be true. However, since the down payment kept flowing into their company account, it was enough to reassure her that it was true.

Sheryl stared at her computer screen, focusing on her job, when the loud ringtone from her cellphone startled her. Checking it, she saw Isla's name registered on the caller ID.

'Oh, shit!' Sheryl thought when she realized she completely forgot about their gathering!

She picked up the phone immediately and apologized, "Sorry, Isla, I have been very busy that I forget we're meeting tonight. Let me check. It's almost 7 o'clock." Sheryl checked the time. "I'm leaving now!"

"You are such a workaholic! You blame me for neglecting my health when I'm working. I th

, making Phoebe nervous and frightened. She sped up her paces, trying to keep up with Sheryl.

She had never felt that this parking lot was unsafe before. But now, she felt like there were a pair of mysterious eyes, watching them from a dark corner. However, Sheryl seemed to feel nothing about the unusual environment. She just kept walking.

Sheryl stopped walking when she finally reached her car. Phoebe stood close to her.

It was then that Phoebe recognized a few of the characters written on the car. They were as red as blood.

It read, "I swear, I'll take my revenge on you!"

Phoebe was shocked by these threatening words. 'Who would do this?

What happened between Sheryl and that person? Why did that person make such an oath?' A lot of questions were running in Phoebe's head right now.

She turned to look at Sheryl immediately, but she noticed that she was still composed, even though her face was a little pale.

Phoebe couldn't help sighing that there was a big difference between an ordinary girl and a boss. If she had been put in Sheryl's shoes, she might have already screamed for help.

"Phoebe, please request the CCTV footage from the security department tomorrow morning," Sheryl commanded abruptly, startling Phoebe. It took her several seconds before she was able to process what Sheryl just said.

"Yes, Ms. Xia," Phoebe answered.

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