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   Chapter 1483 I Am Back

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"You…" Without giving it any second thought, Sheryl chased the woman. Unfortunately, the woman was way faster than her. She managed to disappear without giving Sheryl a glimpse of her face.

Feeling defeated, Sheryl stood still as her thoughts began to run wild.

'Who is that woman? And why does she look so familiar to me?' she wondered as if she was in a daze. Something in her heart tugged her. With certainty, she made up her mind that she knew her.

Yet none of these questions had an answer. Sheryl went back to her seat once she realized there wasn't much she could do about this. But her mind remained occupied with these thoughts. She was so invested in it that she didn't even hear Phoebe's call.

"Ms. Xia, you have a meeting at three. Would you…" Phoebe stopped speaking when she noticed how still Sheryl was. She was lost in her own world. A look of confusion crossed Phoebe's face.

"Ms. Xia, can you hear me?" Phoebe asked while waving her hand in front of Sheryl. Finally, Sheryl came out of her reverie.

"Ah, what?" she asked confusedly.

"Ms. Xia, it looks like you didn't hear a word that I uttered," Phoebe said in a matter-of-fact way.

"I am sorry, Phoebe. I am with you right now so you can continue." Sheryl held a glass of water and took a sip. Then something occurred to her, so she immediately looked at Phoebe and asked, "Were you here the whole time?"

They were sitting at a table which faced the door. If Phoebe hadn't left her seat, then there was a good chance she must have noticed the strange woman's departure.

"Yeah, I was here. Is something wrong, Ms. Xia?" Phoebe asked as her confusion intensified.

"Here is the thing. I bumped into a woman while I was in the bathroom. I don't know why but I feel like I have known her. Is there any chance you have seen her leave?" Sheryl continued to describe the woman's outfit to Phoebe. "She's about 1.65 meters tall, almost my age. She has long curly hair and wore a long wind coat. Oh, she is also wearing a bucket hat. Did you see her?"

The more she spoke, the more dazzled Phoebe looked. If such a woman passed Phoebe, she definitely would have remembered. In spite of wracking her brain, she had no recollection of seeing someone with a wind coat and

go out for dinner. Instead, why don't you invite Sheryl home? I could cook for the two of you."

Realizing how considerate he was, Isla felt unexplainable love for him. She turned around and took a glance at Nick and Cassie. They were both smiling from ear to ear. Isla realized she was the one blushing right now. 'The tables have turned. Now I am the one getting teased, ' she thought with a smile.

So Isla quickly tried to wrap it up. "Aron, I will make sure to stay away from spicy food. But I cannot cancel the plan since I already asked Sheryl and Nick out. It won't look nice to make changes in the last minute."

"Okay, if that's what you want. But please come home early. I will be waiting for you." Aron hung up the phone reluctantly.

After keeping the phone, Isla turned around and found that Cassie and Nick were laughing. She was not surprised.

"Isla, Aron is such a thoughtful and considerate man. I am happy to see him take such good care of you," Cassie complimented Aron.

Nick nodded his head in agreement.

Internally, Isla was happy but she glared at Cassie and said, "Well, he has a bad temper. When you get married, you'll know what I am talking about."

Cassie blushed once again and she looked at Nick instinctively. And their gaze met. Cassie lowered her head immediately but she could feel her heart jumping out of her chest.

Once they were done packing, Nick carried the handbag to his car. Isla sat in the back seat, leaving the passenger seat to Cassie.

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